Feb. 12th, 2009

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I went to the fruit and vegetable shop today to get some pecan nuts for home-made biscuits. The store also serves as a nursery, selling potted plants and freshly cut flowers. The dreaded ignored commercialised Valentine's day holiday is this Saturday and the flower section in front of the store was full of tiny rose bouquets and small arrangements with intensely pink odourless roses and kitschy teddy bears with the requisite heart clutched in tiny plastic paws. I am not even going to try to comment about the price, but needless to say, it is cheaper then the conventional shops, but not by much. Especially at this time of the year, any rose of any red shade will do.

I don't know what makes me sadder, the fact that it is supposed to be the day when men must remember to give flowers to their girlfriends and explore that 'romance thing' they talk about in the adverts or that we women feel very happy receiving those mass produced plant mutations just so they can brag to those so-called unfortunates that happen to be single on one day in February about getting flowers.

I don't want to explore the ideas and connotations of commercialism, perceived romance, self-delusion and all those happy themes that make me such a happy well-adjusted and not to forget, single individual in this particular post, but the truth is - no matter how we hate or love the 14th of February, we love getting flowers. It generally does not matter where we are in life, we still think the gift of a few plants means something from those who gave it to us.

Oh, just to get to the point I was losing whilst waxing philosophical. If one must acknowledge the commercialism and the cheap sentimentality, at the very least, try to get real roses, not the ones that die after a day and have no smell since they are cheaper to grow. More along the lines of a few, preferably a few dozen long stemmed  roses. You know, the ones with dark red petals and crimson-coloured centre, and a wonderful lovely scent. Maybe, they do make one consider that there is something to this 'high romance' thing. At the very least, they keep for more than a day.

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A commercial satellite collided with a Russian satellite over Siberia yesterday, yielding a cloud of fragments, according to a NASA scientist tracking space debris. The collision between the commercial satellite, belonging to the American communications firm Iridium, and the Russian satellite, believed to be defunct based on its advanced age, was the first of its kind,
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Article from the Scientific American.

We need to send some Metro cops to space, preferably the whole force.


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