Aug. 13th, 2009

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I had been to the majority of these places, except I visited the Green Lagoon in Akureyri, instead of the one in Icelandic capital.

It is the last few weeks of summer in Iceland. As we fly into Keflavik, Reykjavik's international airport, we can see a giant stretch of black lava - solidified bubbles levelling off into grey-green pools.

Even though it is late, after 10 at night, the sun has not set, and pink clouds are trapped in sandwich layers across the sky. The rich orange sun melts somewhere into the horizon, yet despite this, a sharp wind spikes through our jackets, making us shiver.

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Our final stop as we head towards the airport, is at the Blue Lagoon. It's a tourist trap but a delightful one at that. Known as Bláa Lónid by the locals, it is actually a pale blue pool of geothermal seawater from the Svartsengi power plant. It's also one of the most famous spas in Europe. Patrons swear by the curative powers of this organic soup composed largely of dead algae and silica mud. This is an amazing place to while away a few hours in steam rooms, massaging waterfalls and the obligatory mudpacks. When we get back on the plane, despite the vast distances we have covered in only a few days, we feel remarkably rejuvenated. Taken from here.

Another side note: Icelanders are actually very friendly, not stone-faced at all.


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