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Birthdate:Jul 25
Location:Gauteng, South Africa
A serious being with the ability to laugh at myself. Love Terry Pratchett books and anything by Scott Adams and Agatha Christie. An eternal student, an introvert, whose social skills fail me from time to time.

I like the unconventional, the unusual and the untraditional. I like to think I am a gregarious loner, but that could be a delusion. How I balance all that whilst liking much of what the mainstream has to offer I cannot fathom. Perhaps, I should donate my brain for medical study after I am gone.

In short, I am a regular traveller on the path of imagination and a confirmed dreamer who is often too lazy to propel herself into action.


In real life, I am a poster child for globalization. I was born in the former USSR, lived in another country before my parents made the decision to settle down in South Africa.I had worked in Denmark for a while, travelling often so I can heal the bite from the 'travel bug'.
I had recently spent two very uncomfortable months in Belgium for work and now, I'm back home in the welcoming city of Johannesburg. I also happen to be an IT professional with an occasional verbal diarrhoea and the propensity to scare my Project Managers with random quotes from classic literature(maybe I should donate my brain to the medical field).

Since I am artistically disabled, I have to thank the wonderful [info]melancthe for my new userpic. Other contributors of icons are [info], a lady from a and a wonderful woman who contributed my SG-1 mood theme.

i'm in ravenclaw!

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