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This amused me greatly:

"Two men were arrested on Thursday and six are on the run after police caught them taking turns in carrying a stolen double bed through East London, police said.

Superintendent Mtati Tana said the group stole the display bed outside a shop in Fleet Street.

"The men were stopped by police for questioning and six immediately ran away, leaving behind the two carrying the bed. It was later discovered that the bed was stolen," said Tana.

The two are expected to appear on Friday before the East London magistrate's court on a charge of theft. - Sapa

Source: IOL

This was even funnier:

"Canberra - A dry-cleaning shop owner in Papua New Guinea has found a unique way of encouraging thieves to clean up their behaviour: giving them a steam cleaning.

Police in the northeast coastal town of Lae said a 20-year-old man suffered burns and scalding to his abdomen, chest and back after the owner turned a steam cleaner on him after he was caught stealing pants worth 14 kina (about R44; $5,50).

"The owner has done this to many people already," police spokesperson Nema Mondiai told Australian Associated Press on Wednesday.

Police seemed unconcerned about the radical punishment and released the thief after being assured he had learned his lesson.

The rest of the story can be found here.
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I finally managed to allocate some time to watch the much talked about TV show, Moonlight.

Well, the overall  impression is the following: The stories are ripped off from some badly written crime drama by those, who had not touched a criminal procedure textbook; the extremely bad acting from almost everyone in the show; the cliched lines and characters. The inexplicable need to insert some very bad special effects that make "Star Trek: The Original Series" look like the "Matrix" in comparison.

On the up-side, the lead actor is good-looking enough to forgive a great deal in the series, although I would imagine that the devotees of the vampire genre would not be impresses with the 'super powers' of these vampires. Seriously, a vampire not needing an invitation or being able to stay in daylight? Bram Stoker would be turning in his grave!

Just had a bizarre thought, if this TV series was made in the 80's, it would have gotten a cult status quicker then one can remember that Johnny Depp started off in "21 Jump Street".

In conclusion, I can see why this show was cancelled.

P.S. If it was made in the 80's, maybe they could have replaced the lead actress with someone who could actually act.
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Browsing around I stumbled across this particular article. It talks about Facebook and social networking websites in general. In view of the recent 'Facebook hating' mentioned in many of the posts lately, I thought I may offer my humble opinion in addition to the article's summary.

In quick summary, the article explores the resulting social behaviour displayed by the enthusiastic young users of the social networking sites. The author mentions the scientific studies which point to an increasing narcissism and exhibitionism coupled with lowered emotional intelligence and self-esteem, when researching the impact of all manner of MySpace and Facebook-like sites on children and young adults.
In addition there is a lament that the possibility of snap judgements will lessen the opportunities of getting to know people one meets socially, just because we may not like the interests and quotes listed on their Facebook page.

I must be honest; I am puzzled at such adverse reaction to social sites in general. Granted, Facebook is not something that is there to promote actual social activity, but it can be useful when used to keep in touch with people one does not see often or who fall outside my social circle. Admittedly, I am an educated 'mature' user, and by that I do not mean old. Just someone who understands the importance of being able to restrict meaningless babble and the mini-app onslaught directed at me, but also knowing that true social connections, including the ones made online are not made via a few lines on a Facebook messaging system.

Another thing, the so-called social zombeism is not restricted to those who have yet to finish puberty. Many people, including those, in their 2o/30/40/50s are costing their companies productivity hours by spending most of their time on the new phenomenon - Facebook. Perhaps social education is not only needed for teens and kids.

This is my favourite quote from this article, which I find exceptionally beautiful. Even though it refers to the MySpace site, I think its application can extend far further. The quote belongs to the author, Christine Rosen
"Indeed, this is one of the characteristics of MySpace most striking to anyone who spends a few hours trolling its millions of pages: it is an overwhelmingly dull sea of monotonous uniqueness, of conventional individuality, of distinctive sameness."

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Where does it say that anytime a band that sings over the top emo trash which I suppose appeals to many a conflicted pre-teen has to be labeled great?

I seriously hate this band, bloody goth wannabees. You people are not rockers, but are a bunch of overgrown teenagers with unresolved gender issues.

A waste of time, no wonder all the music channels play you ad nauseum.


As My mood normalized to a more calm bouncy mode later on today, I realize that I might have been too harsh on My Chemical Romance. So, I admit, my opinion is only my opinion. I still think their music is best described are pseudo-gothic with unresolved gender issues in their lyrics. Sigh, this is probably the mildest I am ever going to get in my opinion on the band's music.
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I had been very lazy, I mean even more then usual. I did however, get the chance to  see some of the movies that I have been putting off for a while.

Of course, in view of my pledge to practice writing everyday, here are my reviews and opinions on a few of them. I think that I can make a brilliant mother-in-law after writing this criticism.

<Start movie critic impersonation>

"Smoking Aces" - All right, I'll admit I wanted to see it for the guns and Ryan Reynolds. I consider most mobster movies my 'light' entertainment. I was disappointed . It had all the right actors, an intriguing storyline - at least in the beginning, the right setting for the genre and a believable introduction. Buddy "Aces" Israel is about to turn in the mafia bosses in return for some protection from the FBI once he testifies. The understandably annoyed mafia boss, has declared open season on the small-time magician-turned-junior-mafia-boss-turning-to-snitch with a very hefty bounty.

The various mercenaries gather to reap the 6-figure 'reward', unfortunately, they shoot more of each other then even getting close to their 'prey'.  The movie starts great as I mentioned, unfortunately it degenerates into flashy moves and lots of gunfire, and by the time the director remembers to explain the storyline, the audience is so overwhelmed by the constant gunfire that the story twist does not stand a chance to make the same impact as it should. Still, the movie does work albeit with a far lesser impression  than intended. It has a Tarantinesqque feel, easy way to spend about 1.5 hours trying to figure out who is shooting who.

In brutally honest conclusion, it shows it has great potential in the beginning, but this potential is lost among the smoking guns and the numerous cast.

Staying with smoke, another movie I finally managed to watch is "Thank you for smoking". It is a deliciously brilliant satire about Tobacco spokesman who is trying to do his job and still remain a role model to his 12 year old son. It is a tongue-in-cheek comedy from the point of view of the bad guys, those lobbyists who are for smoking, and firearms, and alcohol, and all the legal vices that those righteous US Senators are trying to stop the public indulging in. The lead character fights for the 'disfranchised corporations; for the sweatshop owner; for the lumberjack and even the seal poacher'. Just as funny are his friends, the representatives from the Moderation For Alcohol Alliance and the Firearm Safety Council, together they are MOD - Merchants Of Death. Persuasion is the key and overzealous 'virtuous' politicians simply do not win, because morals are for sale and everyone is doing it 'for the mortgage'. This movie is funny, unrepentant and has no problem redefining the bad guys.

I have to mention "Click", it presented itself as a sweet family comedy with futuristic premise. This drivel encompasses every cliche in the family comedy repertoire, the writers did not even bother to recycle the lines! Despite Adam Sandler's best efforts to make it palatable, the overused jokes, the stereotyped characters that could have been easily replaced by cardboard cutouts, and the cheap humour do more then murder the movie, they bury it 60 feet under as well. This movie in my humble opinion, should be watched in the same manner the lead character views his life, with the finger firmly on the Fast Forward button. Yeech!

<End movie critic impersonation>

Back to the grindstone I suppose.
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I have been playing around on and came across the pages of all the network TV pilots that will be subjected for network executives' scrutiny and the judgment of the numerous focus groups. Is it just me or do the plots seem repetitive to you?  Especially ABC and CBS?

Here are some of the 'bright ideas':

John and Jane Smith's marriage is not going well. The spark is gone from their marriage and their professional life is taking up most of their time. The only thing that may help their marriage is some action, but their life together is not containing a lot of it. Except, once they are out of the house, both have their own special job -- they are assassins.
 Hello, the movie story only held thanks to the chemistry between the two movie stars. Most people were banking on Angelina in this movie anyway. 'Lara Croft and husband' as an alternative title?

American Family follows a modern family who keep up the appearance that they have it all together, but behind closed doors their life is chaotic and full of challenges.
And that has never been done before?

This pirate-themed reality series puts contestants through a series of land- and sea-based challenges.
Yes Mark, the Survivor is no longer doing it for us.

A lawyer, Annie (Alyssa Milano of Charmed), and her infant son move from Boston to her hometown of Savannah, GA, where she must deal with her eccentric family while adjusting to her new job at her father's law firm.
They are hoping the 'Charmed' fans will gobble this one right up.

Zachary Levi (
Less Than Perfect) plays Chuck, a nerdy computer tech who has a database of government secrets downloaded into his brain. Chuck soon finds himself recruited by John Casey (Adam Baldwin of Day Break), a veteran NSA Agent, for espionage work with his new partner Sarah (Yvonne Strzechowski) -- leading Chuck to live a split life of computer geek and secret NSA missions.
Yes, because the NSA and CIA can never get anything done without the help of those accidental 'geniuses' - Jake 2.0 and Alias were canceled and now someone actually decided that the concept had potential. I am breathlessly waiting for the 'Spy kids' TV series.

A 35-year-old man is a newcomer to the world of dating when his marriage crumbles after more than 10 happy years.
Eh, does he not have two daughters by any chance ,going by the names of Mary-Kate and Ashley?

Stana Katic stars as Baker, an NSA agent who recruits Paul Fisher (Stephen Moyer), a normal family man as a spy against his will. Baker is described as a sexy, smart and tough woman in her mid-thirties.
NSA must really be desperate.

A New York City homicide detective is cursed with immortality.
The ABC channel has something similar about an immortal vampire turned detective. *Cough*...Angel ripoff....*Cough*

There is a vote button next to each plot and if like me, you like polls, most of those 'ideas' are vetoed by the Internet community. Of course, I forgot to mention the numerous chick flicks plots, mothers constantly struggling with careers and families(somehow everyone else in the world is coping okay with the idea) and some really bad ripofs of the BBC shows among many others.

Out of the numerous bad ideas, Fox and CW had some promising pilots with ABC and NBC scoring highly on the reject scale.

There were a few interesting ideas like:

The Terminator franchise arrives on TV to give us insight into the lives of Sarah and John Connor, as they hide from Skynet and its army of Terminators.
I am just fascinated to find out really what really happened, blame it on Arnie everyone.

Pushing Daisies
This romantic drama shows us the strange world of a man, Ned, who can bring dead people back to life through the power of his touch. The people he touches, however, can only stay alive for one minute, and if they don't die again, someone else nearby will die. Ned decides to use his ability to solve crime. He and a local investigator, Emerson, bring murder victims back to life and find out who killed them, to cash in on case-solving rewards. But, when Ned brings an old crush back to life, and decides to let her live, things start to get complicated...
Definitely has potential.

A twenty-something slacker finally scores a job as the devil's bounty hunter.
Yes, I know it's a 'Mort' rip, but it is still interesting.

The documentary looks very promising, but with those things one can never tell, especially considering Sci-Fi's past decisions.

“Destination Truth”, hosted by Josh Gates, takes viewers across the globe in search of answers. Every week Josh visits a different locale where he will interview witnesses in an attempt to get to the truth regarding some of the world’s most notorious supernatural mysteries, like the Chupacabra of Chile and the Mongolian Fire Worm.

A series of mystery books by James Patterson was the inspiration for this new series, which tells the story of four women who work together to solve some of the most confounding murder cases out there. Their jobs as a homicide detective, a medical examiner, a newspaper reporter, and an assistant district attorney give them a formidable range of skills, and their strong friendship provides basis for the teamwork that's necessary to crack each case.
I am a fan of the books and I like female cop shows, well, mostly. I think that the concept is not as repeated as some others ones.

I am also quite tickled about the 'Life on Mars', the American version of a BBC show that had a detective in our time suddenly wake up in the 1970's - still, worth a peek since the British version was excellent.

There are a few others, some supernatural and some comedies as well as one or two dramas, but I think it is most likely that those that sound the most inane will probably be approved by the focus groups. After all, if we could have 9 seasons of 'Walker, Texas Ranger' then a show with a title 'Cashmere Mafia' has a chance.

Here are the links to the TV pilots pages:
ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Other.

All plot information taken from the website.


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