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As a long-time D&D player, I had to laugh. Getting upset over idiotic cartoons only leads to idiots producing more of the same. Still, the guy and gal at Robot's Pajamas summed it up rather nicely.

D&D Kills with the Help of Satan!

If there’s one thing that the Bible has taught me, it’s that Dungeons and Dragons is evil. The tool of the devil, which disguises itself as a “game”, is a gateway to the world of the occult and Satan worship. In order to better illustrate this I’m posting Dark Dungeons, an informative little piece written in the early eighties that I should have known existed, but didn’t until I discovered it in a Topless Robot article.

You can’t tell me there’s not at least one fatty that plays with this group. This is also the only D&D session in the history of mankind where the number of girls equals the number of guys and there’s a hot female DM.



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Small Print: This tract is copyright is owned solely by Jack Chick Publications. Please visit their website and buy lots of their tracts, if you enjoy them. They appear on this site for review purposes only.
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I am unable to go to my friend's wedding in Zanzibar so the traveller in me is all pouting and hungry for some travel.

I am just wondering if going to Stellenbosch or Cape Town will be the better option. Any ideas?
P.S. Random stray phrase from D&D: "Spoon attack!"
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[personal profile] claidheamhmor has posted this entry about Michael Goldfarb being 'angry' at the Dungeons and Dragons crowd. Strangely, he apologised after a few nasty comments (or it could be a hoax), still this 'apology' was not bad, however the comments afterwards were far more amusing. Especially the one that compared the US Senate to a pack of kobolds.
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Well, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and create a character journal/account for the character I play in the Verdant Campaign. Please welcome [profile] teyla_fjord.
Very similar to the journal created by other characters except, it is more a 1st POV of the character, retelling thoughts and interactions, not really a diary like the ones used by [profile] shonoleth and [profile] [profile] faye_morgainne.

If you are interested in our adventures, can you please friend her? *insert pleading eyes here*

Note to the DM: Can  you please join her onto the appropriate communities? Thanks.


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