Feb. 10th, 2009 09:10 pm
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Research is only glamorous in movies - grumbles about the upcoming exam.
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I've been rather quiet this week due to second year English exam today. After an exhausting 3 hour exam (I wrote for almost the whole of 3 hours) I (a) wanted to kick myself for not going over the study guide (b) for not knowing what should be the length of the bloody essay (Not possible to write more then 4 pages for 50 marks thank you very much!) (c) The stupid question about how Jane Austen's works could relate to the conditions in 21st century South Africa.

So okay, I can sort of understand. the idea that great literature transcends time and issues that it addresses are still relevant in today's world. I just hate the way the university has gone so political, it is one thing to mention the current world issues in the essay question, and quite another to mention SA. The trouble is I could not have told them that even though we are doing better, women are still discriminated against; parental neglect or lack of discipline for children is on the rise, much like the parents of Emma Woodhouse, Anne Elliott or Elizabeth Bennet.

Added to that, the annoyance after reading [profile] melraad's blog about that bloody journalist who should be strung up by his privates and left to die near a hungry pack of hyenas. I'm sure Jane Austen would have created a far more deserving fate for the bstd, but what can I say, I'm a bloodthirsty fiend at times.


Sep. 8th, 2006 10:44 am
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Well, I did it!  After putting it off for several weeks and running around like crazy organising my upcoming trip to Denmark I managed to pass the 70-228 exam aka "Administering SQL Server 2000."

That makes me...MCP 2000 and the first Microsoft exam to write in 8 years. Co me!

Now, I can relax a bit.

I feel very clever (just for today mind you), heck, I even passed 8th Grade Science. LOL
You Passed 8th Grade Science
Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!
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I was rather worried about my exams. Some will say, but one of the exams is in your mother tongue, basic basic stuff, how can you be worried? Well, although this point is valid I have found, that the English study giudes of Russian are bloody hard. It is one thing to know it in Russian, the punctuation, the verbs and the sentence structure however having it defined in another language is an absolute hell. I am simply lost in  the strange terms for very simple verb definitions and exercises. So, yeah, I was kind of worried for the outcome of an exam.

Fortunately, my worries came to nought as I passed the exam and the Russian history exam(that was in English), both with distinctions. So everything is going well I should be able to finish the whole Russian language major by end of next year and concentrate on the second Language major and Theory of Literature. The nice thing about this degree is that it is concentrates a lot on literature and linguistics, all in the context of the modern lifestyle.

This may not sound like an exciting subject to study to some but I feel that with a revival of interest in books and writing thanks to the Harry Potter books(for reading) and Internet(for the later), language, writing, and literature and the attitude to it have drastically changed not only compared to a few generations ago but even as recent as 10 years ago. When I started out in the IT industry almost 9 years ago, blogs were vitually unheard of not mentioning making money from websites and online writing. These days, logging on to a search engine (gone are the days when Yahoo was used for searching) you are transported to a portal offering you anything from used cars to online dating to online dictionaries not to mention a variety of blogging, mail and group services. It is amazing at how language has changed thanks to technological progress and the study on that sounds fascinating.

So, I'm off to confirm my booking of the next several modules. Gotta love online registration!


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