Sep. 30th, 2009 06:55 pm
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 The caviar is finished, but I have lots of almond tiramisu, hummus and garlic & tomato crostini and pistachio halva. I may be spoiling myself these last couple of days. Carefully, my stomach has been very annoying lately.

Must say, treating yourself to delicacies here is not nearly as bad for your bank, even as [profile] mighty_jo would say, in South African ront.

P.S. Saw Lucas Radebe on NBC news this morning, they couldn't pronounce his surname properly, but I had a patriotic moment looking at all the people waving South African flags and posters announcing the Soccer World Cup in SA next year. Then I switched to PiX11 to watch "2 1/2 Men".

P.P.S. Walking for 6 hours around New York without eating anything is not recommended.


Feb. 22nd, 2008 09:01 pm
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I have just realised, why I have been in such food-craving mode lately. I had been sick last week and was injected with a cortezone injection that stays in your body for two weeks. Cortezone always makes me ravenous. It seems it is getting better, but the extra gym will not be fun.

I have to pimp this, it is a TV ad for a company CMS forex. It is absolutely excellent!

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A chicken is a chicken is not a chicken?

Lauren Hebert, Health Correspondent
Feb 16 2008

Louisville, KY – The smiling visage of Colonel Sanders has been the face of KFC (also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) for many years. Even nearly thirty years after his death, the image of the jovial southern gentleman (Sanders himself was born in Indiana) still stands as the public face of the company he started in the midst of the great depression.



The article can be found here.

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Dinner party hostess gives birth between courses and cries: 'The rhubarb crumble's in the fridge!'
As the hostess of a dinner party, Susannah Kendrick was already fully stretched keeping her guests entertained and the kitchen situation under control.
But she then proceeded to give an entirely new meaning to multi-tasking.
The 29-year-old teacher - who was eight-and-a-half months pregnant - had already served the starters.

Paul and Susannah Kendrick with Trinity, was who born in unusual circumstances

Then, as she prepared to present the main course - a home-made lamb curry - she felt her first contraction.

And just eight minutes later, after three pushes, little Trinity was born weighing 6lb 1oz.

But Mrs Kendrick hadn't forgotten her duties as a hostess. As she was taken to hospital as a precaution, she yelled: "The rhubarb crumble's in the fridge!"

Mrs Kendrick and her husband Paul, 36, threw the dinner party for her friends as a last chance to socialise before the birth of her third child.

She was not expecting the big day for another fortnight.

But she joked with friends during the evening that the curry might cause her to have the baby that night, referring to the old wives' tale suggesting spicy foods can induce labour.

Mrs Kendrick said: "Paul was asking the guests if they had brought their doctors' gloves with them. We were also laughing about how curry can induce labour.


What's that in the oven? Susannah prepares food minutes before giving birth

"But we never thought for a minute that it would actually happen. I feel like I have cheated the system really.

"All these people talk about 24-hour labours and mine was only eight minutes. If anything, it is to be recommended. I feel quite smug to be honest."

Mrs Kendrick said she felt several 'twinges' about half an hour after her two guests arrived at her home in Hove, East Sussex.

She was urged to visit the nearby Royal Sussex County Hospital, in Brighton, and she agreed.

She said: "At 8.15pm I went upstairs to get my shoes, went to the bathroom and as I went I felt an enormous contraction from nothing.

"My husband heard me and came running upstairs."

Friend Anna Harrap, 34, a fellow teacher, immediately called an ambulance but the mother's waters broke and the baby started to appear before the paramedics arrived.

Mrs Harrap and Mr Kendrick, an estate agent, lifted her on to her bed and delivered the baby with the help of an ambulance operator who issued instructions over the telephone.

Mr Kendrick said: "It happened so quickly, just after we had finished our starter.

"It worked out to be an eight minute labour. Delivering the baby was terrifying and I was just glad it was all over quickly."

Mrs Harrap said: "It was really frightening but you don't think about what could have happened until afterwards.

"I would never have chosen to help someone in their delivery but when it starts happening you can't abandon your friend.

"Paul literally caught his daughter as she entered the world. She almost flew out - it was only three pushes."


The happy family: The average length of time for labour is 15 to 16 hours for those giving birth for the first time, but for Susannah it was...eight-and-a-half minutes

The happy family: The average length of time for labour is 15 to 16 hours for those giving birth for the first time, but for Susannah it was...eight-and-a-half minutes
An ambulance arrived a few minutes later and took mother and daughter to hospital.
Mrs Harrap added: "As Susannah went out the door with Paul and the baby, she shouted to us that the rhubarb crumble was in the fridge.
"My husband Duncan and I stayed at the house and cleaned up and ate the rest of the dinner. We just sat there in stunned silence."

Mrs Kendrick was allowed home after spending a night in hospital. She added: "The midwife who has worked on the labour unit for 15 years said she'd never come across a baby being delivered that quickly before."
The average length of time for labour is 15 to 16 hours for those giving birth for the first time and seven to eight hours for women who already have children. But short deliveries of just a few minutes are not unheard of.

Eating curry or other spicy foods is said to induce labour because it stimulates the bowel and therefore has a knock- on effect on the uterus.
Experts say there is no scientific evidence for this, but many mothers swear by the method.
Courtesy of Daily mail. Article can be found here.
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It is with a heavy heart, that I defriend someone to whom I have gotten closer over some time. It is not done out of spite or anger but out of love. I just feel that currently my interests and goals do not match those that you offer. I hope that all my other friends will continue to support you and once I have achieved the GOAL, a goal you help to derail everytime I see you, we can be friends again.

So please, ladies and gents, do not be mad at me but it something that I must do and for that, I official defriend chocolate.

It is sad, but if I am to achieve losing weight, knowing these facts, I have to stop taking it.

Sigh, in turn I friend someone I am not that fond of but who I know will help me arrive at my aim. Please meet this entity.


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