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I realize that being almost 29 I will most likely fall into the category of 'older mothers' when the time to have kids will come and you know, it is nice to know that I am not alone in making the choice of becoming a mother later.

By LOWRI TURNER  Last updated at 09:37am on 21st February 2008

Mothers in general are used to being blamed for everything from teenage delinquency to childhood obesity (thank you, Jamie Oliver).

There is one sort of mother, however, who is particularly vilified.

No, not the single mother, although she comes in for a fair amount of stick, too. It is the older mother who stirs up the strongest emotions.


 Original article can be found here.

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A chicken is a chicken is not a chicken?

Lauren Hebert, Health Correspondent
Feb 16 2008

Louisville, KY – The smiling visage of Colonel Sanders has been the face of KFC (also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) for many years. Even nearly thirty years after his death, the image of the jovial southern gentleman (Sanders himself was born in Indiana) still stands as the public face of the company he started in the midst of the great depression.



The article can be found here.

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On in a jiffy

It’s the evening of your first date, and you wonder why you’re sweating so much. She walks into the restaurant looking like a million bucks, and you stand up awkwardly to greet her, almost knocking over the table.

Candles, wine and good conversation are the order of the evening, and you leave her at her door with little more than a quick, awkward hug.

You wait two days, and then phone her before 11 a.m. (because your best mate told you that two days after the first date at 11 a.m. is the best time to phone her). You’re pleased to hear that she had a great evening, and that she really wanted to phone you, but was too ‘shy’, reminding you of how cute she really is.

The video can be found here.


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OKay, I am not exactly a picture advert for health and fitness but I have been hoping to improve that. So I took the chance to enter the 702 Walk the Talk walking marathon for one of their Fun Walks. I think it is something that should be great fun, especially if done with friends.

From 702 Radio:
This year 702 has entered into a partnership with leading financial services provider, Discovery, to bring the people of Joburg an event that epitomizes good health and community building, the Discovery 702 Walk the Talk.

The event has something for everyone; for the serious walker, there are the 42 and 21 kilometre timed events. For those looking for a great walk with their kids, families and dogs or even work colleagues there are 5 and 10 kilometre walks.

This year the route has changed to start and finish at Marks Park Sports Club, a city-owned venue. The walk itself takes place through the green and leafy suburbs of Emmarentia, Greenside, Parktown, Parkhurst, Parkwood and Parkview.

There is a small entry fee a percentage of which goes to charity. So, is anyone interested? The best thing of course is to enter online


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