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To all my LJ friends and their partners,


This entry may not be very glamorous, but all done from the heart.
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So I had not posted a frivolous entry for a while, but after watching episode five of "Torchwood"  where John Barrowman plays Captain Jack Harkness I could not resist. Yet another man to whom the phrase: "OMG, I can't feel my knees you are so good-looking" applies.

"Torchwood" is a spin-of of "Dr Who", but one need not watch the show to enjoy it. Thanks very much to [personal profile] dekolette from the [community profile] torch_wood  commuinity for pointing some of the pictures in her post that are now uploaded in my journal gallery.

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I gave everybody my wishlist of computer hardware for my birfday, but nobody bought me anything :-(. Oh and [profile] vixzen  said they wanted to play WoW but they didn't show up :-(. Oh yeah. [personal profile] claidheamhmor  told me that [profile] jonty  told [personal profile] mysehnsucht  that I got caught talking to [personal profile] hravan  and talking crap about [profile] brabruski . Yeah right! If I get my hands on them and I'm gonna tear off their head and s*** down their neck hole! This entry automatically generated by the LJ Drama Generator!

Thanks to [profile] margs114
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I've been rather quiet this week due to second year English exam today. After an exhausting 3 hour exam (I wrote for almost the whole of 3 hours) I (a) wanted to kick myself for not going over the study guide (b) for not knowing what should be the length of the bloody essay (Not possible to write more then 4 pages for 50 marks thank you very much!) (c) The stupid question about how Jane Austen's works could relate to the conditions in 21st century South Africa.

So okay, I can sort of understand. the idea that great literature transcends time and issues that it addresses are still relevant in today's world. I just hate the way the university has gone so political, it is one thing to mention the current world issues in the essay question, and quite another to mention SA. The trouble is I could not have told them that even though we are doing better, women are still discriminated against; parental neglect or lack of discipline for children is on the rise, much like the parents of Emma Woodhouse, Anne Elliott or Elizabeth Bennet.

Added to that, the annoyance after reading [profile] melraad's blog about that bloody journalist who should be strung up by his privates and left to die near a hungry pack of hyenas. I'm sure Jane Austen would have created a far more deserving fate for the bstd, but what can I say, I'm a bloodthirsty fiend at times.
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Never ever believe anyone telling you that a furnished apartment that has a bring-a-toothbrush rating (as in marketed as such to the company I work at) is just that. There are three hundred and one things to do, little things - true, yet we take them for granted. For example placemats, I mean seriously, the closest thing to a dining/TV watching table with a glass top, and there is no placemats to put a hot mug of tea on as not to damage the glass. I mean I'm not that Martha Stewartish, but any noticeable damage to the apartment after I move out will come out of my pocket so I'm really looking out for myself here.

Another momentous occasion to happen is that I was momentarily hooked on "Friends", the Danish TV stations replay various seasons ad nauseum. So, when I potter around the house and have the TV switched on, I tend to get "Friends" eventually, and after a while, I started to find them more then mildly amusing, I mean I was actually looking forward to some daily coffee disinspired humour!  I privately started to panic. After all, I pride myself on enjoying some real quality entertainment like "Frasier", "Kiss me Kate" and so on. I mean, how could I like the overhyped, over-cliched, over-celebrity-peppered show? I used to find it mildly amusing - courtesy Lisa Kudrow and highly irratating - courtesy Jennifer Aniston, but now I enjoyed it? WTF?!! Fortunately, as I was washing dishes after dinner, my ear managed to discern the highly pitched squeeling voices of two of the show stars having an all-girl-moment, the spell was broken and this TV snob's ego is saved, Whew.

As soon as I come back from London, I'll post some pictures, I promise.
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You know, after having this long conversations about Livejournal and netetiquette and defriending and the unpleasantness of it all, you defriend me without so much as an email saying you have done so.
So, yeah, I'm fucking annoyed at you, not having a basic decency to email me, and if I am guilty for whatever reason in front of you, then damnit! email me and voice your anger/concerns/feelings.

I am aware that this is not accidental, your roleplaying journal does not list me as well, where previously it has done so. I'm in a foreign country, having left only a few weeks before where everything was normal. So, yeah, with all this work plus settling in the brand new place I cannot just phone you up and ask what's wrong.

I think, I'm just mad and hurt and annoyed that I am dismissed without so much as an email, or heck, any indication of any hostility.
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Well, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and create a character journal/account for the character I play in the Verdant Campaign. Please welcome [profile] teyla_fjord.
Very similar to the journal created by other characters except, it is more a 1st POV of the character, retelling thoughts and interactions, not really a diary like the ones used by [profile] shonoleth and [profile] [profile] faye_morgainne.

If you are interested in our adventures, can you please friend her? *insert pleading eyes here*

Note to the DM: Can  you please join her onto the appropriate communities? Thanks.
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Happy Birthday [profile] herne_kzn!
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