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Note to self, installing emulation software that works on XP will not work on Vista. Result: I crashed Vista Home Premium twice yesterday. Maybe it is just my inner geek speaking, but I do not feel I've warmed to the operating system until I crashed it at least once.

On the minus side, I am still miffed with Microsoft for not including the avi and m4 codecs with their media center. I hate downloading the damn things over and over again.

I also received 3 of my boxes that I shipped from Denmark back home. I refuse to be called a pack rat, but seriously, I have accumulated a lot of stuff. Some, like my wok are a welcome addition, but I think this weekend will be clearing time again when the clothes I no longer wear will be donated to the people at my mom's work. At least, almost all my books have arrived with the exception of the latest Raymond E. Feist's book, I hope that did not fell out of one of the boxes that burst in transit and had to be patched up by the Post Office people.

So off to download my J2K development kit, my 'Java Demystified' book is finally here.

P.S. Vista blue screen looks remarkably like NT's blue screen. Some things never change.


Jul. 6th, 2007 02:50 pm
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Does anyone have a copy of SQL2005 beta version? Or even the personal edition? I need a copy to practice for SQL 2005 exams, but I do not have the connection to download it.
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Courtesy News24: Author Johan Brink

IT Mechanic

IS the computer industry creating incompetent IT support personnel? People with no knowledge whatsoever of how a computer works or no ability to trace faults?

Are companies like Microsoft, HP and IBM creating a generation of wizard IT specialist, specialists that without a wizard can't do a single thing to fix your operating system? A generation of specialists that can only build a system if everything is colour coded and plug and play?

If you are considering the answers, don't, the answers to all these questions are YES.

So what do we call this entire generation of so-called IT specialists?

The XP Generation.

Who are they?

I don't quite agree with everything the author says. There are many new young people who are passionate about their work and do make the effort to learn the more general knowledge of computers to make themselves more effective. Those people will always have a job. It is just, with the advance of XP and 2000, the need to know what DOS stands for is pretty much obsolete or the fact that modifying autoexec.bat is no longer crucial in troubleshooting. What the author does not say, is what [personal profile] mysehnsucht  mentioned in one of her recent entries, being in IT is no longer just about knowing how to hack the registry.

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By Brian Briggs

Redmond, WA - Microsoft purchased evil from Satan for $2.7 billion after many months of tough negotiations.

"We've been after Satan for some time," said CEO Steve Ballmer. "Negotiations were tough, but I think both Microsoft and the Prince of Darkness are happy with this deal."

Microsoft already controls 15% of the evil market, and with this purchase that number nears 100%. The Department of Justice voiced concerns over one corporation controlling so much evil, and launched investigations.

"We feel that there are real opportunities with evil, and that when evil is integrated into our next generation of Windows products consumers will appreciate evil on their desktop," said Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. "Businesses haven't been able to fully realize their evil potential. With evil integrated into Office XP, corporations big and small will begin to see enhanced evil productivity."

"Evil is a real growing market," market strategist Frank Dresgan of Merrill Lynch explained. "Microsoft is a little late in the game, but even when they enter a market late they still tend to dominate. I think we'll see the same results with evil."

"I've been dealing with Microsoft for some time," Lucifer said. "I've been at this evil thing for millions of years, and wanted a way out. I considered an IPO, but then Steve-O and Billy came along and told me about their 'Evil Everywhere' plan. I just couldn't refuse."

Evil was founded by Satan close to the beginning of time. It has been growing steadily ever since, although most of the growth has accelerated in the past five years with the development of the Internet. Satan plans to retire to a small island in the Bahamas and write a column for the local newspaper.


Sep. 8th, 2006 10:44 am
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Well, I did it!  After putting it off for several weeks and running around like crazy organising my upcoming trip to Denmark I managed to pass the 70-228 exam aka "Administering SQL Server 2000."

That makes me...MCP 2000 and the first Microsoft exam to write in 8 years. Co me!

Now, I can relax a bit.

I feel very clever (just for today mind you), heck, I even passed 8th Grade Science. LOL
You Passed 8th Grade Science
Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!


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