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I took a trip down to my university authorized book sellers to get the prescribed textbook for the module I wanted to register for last week. Unfortunately, they did not have it, but phoned another branch to see if they do, they did. The sales person wanted to confirm that I am okay with the price, well, textbook prices these days are ridiculously high, but since it is a prescribed one, what choice did I have? Imagine my surprise when it came to R542? I mean in exchange terms, it is not a lot, about 50EUR or 90 USD. This is not a good approximation, it is approximately the effect of paying more then half-a-thousand of the currency of your country.  Just one book, and the likelihood of reselling it later? Knowing how often lecturers change editions - very little.

I do not remember the memo when they stated that UNISA became a money-making scheme and not a learning institution, but the 'business plan' has been in effect for a few years now, and the people it is hurting the most are the students.
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How To Find A Millionaire (Or Billionaire)
Wendy Tanaka 02.06.08, 6:00 PM ET

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are gone. So is Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison.

They're all no longer billionaire bachelors.

But don't fear. If a high-net-worth mate is your ideal, a plethora of dating sites offer an inventory of men who say they earn at least six figures annually. You can troll sites such as,, or the humorous to find deep pockets. (Men seeking sugar mamas on these sites typically have fewer choices because profiles of wealthy men tend to outnumber profiles of wealthy women.)
In Pictures: Where The Millionaires Date Online

Sure, these find-a-rich-guy sites might sound dubious, but they insist they provide a valuable service to wealthy people who are too busy running businesses to hang out at bars, clubs and other social venues. "It's a matter of convenience," says Steven Pasternack, chief executive of Miami-based "These guys work a lot of hours. It's very convenient to sit in your office and look through a catalogue of women" on your computer. Lucky them.

It's also cheaper than traditional matchmakers. For instance, both Sugardaddie and MillionaireMatch charge members about $20 a month, while high-end matchmakers charge clients thousands of dollars.

Article can be found here.

Whilst I agree, that meeting an affluent man is good, I am not quite keen to go to a website where the person's affluence is the main selling point for an interested person to consider. Otherwise, do we not fall under the 'gold diggers' category' by wanting to see only those whose net worth is over a million. Am I being naive in this?


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Stolen from the f-list.
 The Top 10 Most Popular Things I hate.

1. Being geek for the sake of being popular - I am aware that being labeled as geek is the new 'in thing' right now.  I just hate the fakeness of it. I don't need people to tell me how I am not a geek enough, just because I cannot remember the words to Monty Python's "Philosopher's song". I have the whole Monty Python on DVD, I don't need to remember it, I can just replay it. This does not make me any less of a fan, but I like Monty Python for Monty Python, not out of some obscure need to be identified with a social group.

2. Idols - any version really. No, I do not understand the obsession of people voting incessantly for those, whose voices frankly do not equal to Kylie Minogue's vocal range. I am not a huge fan of reality TV shows period, but the obsession and the constant 'prominence' in every media of the comings and goings of a bunch of amateurs irritates me. Seriously, I cold not care less if some hairdresser has to go back to their job, because their squeaky voice finally got too much for people.

3. Paris Hilton -  A spoiled rich slutty brat using Daddy's money to buy everything in the world and evade any responsibility for her actions. I think her very unattractive in both looks and what little personality one sees from all the entertainment snippets on TV.

4. Slash fanfiction imposed on me - Slash fanfiction for the uninitiated is fanfiction stories involving previously established characters of the same sex (mostly male) in various stages of relationships with each other. I do not mind it as a genre, but it is something I do not find appealing and thus keep away from. What really prompts me to get very aggressive is the constant harping of quiet a few slashers in the online communities that this genre is somehow better then any other genre within the fanfiction world and to be a real fanfic fan, one must enjoy slash fanfiction. Bad writing exists everywhere, fanfiction, poetry, original writing there is absolutely no need to differentiate something as better just because it features a same-sex romantic involvement.

5. 5FM - a popular radio station that used to be very good about 7-8 years ago. It has slowly degenerated as a representation of the most shallow and vain young people in the last two generations. A few DJs have kept their standards, but mainly there is nothing to listen but the promotion of the trash-talking, money-spending lifestyle as very cool and exciting to imitate.

6. Science Fiction series that are not really science fiction - I dislike anything with a supernatural/unexplained scientifically twist as being promoted  a science fiction series. "Lost"  - not science fiction, it is nice, has a cool supernatural bend (I only watched the first episode of the 1st season), but not SCIENCE FICTION. So those idiot TV execs should not market it as such

7. New cellphone services - I don't want to know if my partner and I are astrologically compatible, or get new pick up lines on my phone or pay an exorbitant amount of  money on a farting monkey polyphonic ring tone. I get spammed with this kind of crap at least once a week.

8. City Golfs - I hate this brand of Golf. It is overpriced, over-hyped and frankly extremely ugly car.

9. People offering me cash loans - I have ticked the boxes again and again that I do not want to be contacted about any new products and offers from every single company that wants to pay for the contact lists with my number on it . I have expressed my wishes clearly so do not be surprised if I get abusive on the phone after I have told you that I am not interested.

10.  The so-called technical journalists who write doomsday articles on how the new offering from Microsoft WILL DOOM Microsoft. Please, I have been seeing these articles for the past 10 years. Very often the wording is so similar, I would not surprised if the words were simply substituted from say Windows XP to Windows Vista. If people want to use Linux, then they should go for it, but don't make it your personal mission in life to convert anyone to it. Windows does what I wanted it to do, I am not going to switch to Ubuntu/Red Hat or any other Linux flavour just because some git, who does not know how to switch off Aero in Vista says so.
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Taken from,1367,36608,00.html and the [community profile] wtf_inc community.

In a few weeks, no online p*rn site will take American Express. At least, American Express will no longer cover credit card transactions from p*rn sites.

"We've examined the digital adult content industry for a year and determined that there was an unacceptably high incidence of disputes about transactions," said American Express spokeswoman Joanne Fisher.

As a result, American Express decided early this month to terminate all of its adult website merchant accounts. The company has been contacting merchants by mail for the last week, Fisher said.

Tom Fisher, general manager of card-processor CCBill, which handles card transactions for 4,000 porn sites, got his Amex letter Monday.

"CCBill will be sending an email to all current American Express customers notifying them of the situation and asking them to return to the website to sign up using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or Online Checks," wrote CCBill in a letter to the 4,000 adult website operators that process credit transactions through CCBill.

Visa did not return calls seeking comment for this story, and Mastercard officials could not be reached.

Gorram! $500 000 as one of the smaller parts of revenue a year! 

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Oh, my word, livejournal has been unblocked by the firewall, I almost fell over from shock. Although I think the guy who is in charge just unblocked the accounts because they did not pose a threat to the firewall. Might be a different story when my manager gets back.

Looks like this would be one of the few entertainments I would be indulging in for a while, looked at my bank balance after paying about 70% of my credit card and well, it's a long way till payday. Add to that a R1000 worth of a cellphone bill (thanks to Telkom's non-existent Worldcall in Italy) and I think I shan't be attempting overseas travel for a while. Having said all this I wouldn't change anything, the trip was very much worth it.

Don't you just love the few hours at work before the long weekend?


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