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Whilst researching the albums by 'Juliette and the Licks' I accidently stumbled across this band with an intriguing name of 'Dresden Dolls'.
Now, I have this song constantly playing in my head: 'Coin-operated boy'.

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Where does it say that anytime a band that sings over the top emo trash which I suppose appeals to many a conflicted pre-teen has to be labeled great?

I seriously hate this band, bloody goth wannabees. You people are not rockers, but are a bunch of overgrown teenagers with unresolved gender issues.

A waste of time, no wonder all the music channels play you ad nauseum.


As My mood normalized to a more calm bouncy mode later on today, I realize that I might have been too harsh on My Chemical Romance. So, I admit, my opinion is only my opinion. I still think their music is best described are pseudo-gothic with unresolved gender issues in their lyrics. Sigh, this is probably the mildest I am ever going to get in my opinion on the band's music.
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Well, my Mom went back to SA on Monday and I realized how much I miss it. It is not too bad when I am on my own, but when Mom visited I almost burst into tears from homesickness.

Since Denmark has at least 4 public holidays in May and two of them are next to each other, I booked my next trip to SA not in July (like I originally planned to come back to) but in May. Cannot wait to see the sun and actually drive a car. I, of course, would love to see all of you if you guys can make it (I know how very hectic everyone's schedule is).

Now, all I have to arrange for are the copies for my Czech visa, grumble, grumble, if one has an EU work permit, some countries still require a visa. At least, there is no fee.  Pictures will be forthcoming after Prague and Vienna since I go there a week before Johannesburg.

Back to head banging to "White stripes".
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I can't believe it, but I just watched American Idol with almost no interruptions for 2 hours. Man alive! I think my strategy of any excuse of not cleaning the house has really topped it! I do admit, I have watched it more or less semi-regularly for the past couple of weeks, mainly due to the funny 'reject' videos of all the hopefuls, because I often marvel at people's arrogance and the blind belief that they can really sing.

Since the US is about 5 weeks ahead of Denmark they are showing two shows back to back. One of the most interesting contestants was a girl by the name of Antonella Barba. She looked like the epitome of the dumb pretty sorority sister that is so lovingly immortalized in most US movies. She did however project the image of a very sweet girl. What was so interesting is when I browsed about the show a little after the current episodes in Denmark ended and I found that she was embroiled in a bit of a sex scandal, when semi-nude pictures of her surfaced on the Web. So I clicked the appropriate links to see what was the fuss about and voila! I found pictures that at most, match your usual naughty pictures many a stereotypical 'popular' girls make, nothing overly exciting, just a pretty girl in a few 'naughty' poses. I swear, some tabloid journalists are the worse type of hypocrites out there.

I browsed the site, Wizarding Pop, that had the pictures and they also posted another news article that I felt was worth mentioning. Beth Ditto, the lead singer for the punk band Gossip, had refused to sing in-store for Topshop, the full article here. Why refuse such a money making opportunity?

" It's because they don't cater for girls her size."

She went as so far as to offer to design a range of plus sizes for the shop, an offer that was refused. Personally, as a woman who has just has made it to a very tight size 12 after  a 6+ months foray into the higher sizes, I think her decision to stick to her principles is admirable.  There has been many a shop which do not stock size 12 or 14, much less bigger sizes. Actually, [info]writerwench has a post about being overweight, where a lady by the name of Joy Nash talks about the very same thing.

So I am off to see if I can get to listen to some Gossip and see if my admiration of her recent decision extends to her musical talents.

Signing off for the day,

A very lazy [profile] windrider_09


Feb. 3rd, 2007 06:24 pm
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I think until I have gotten to know[personal profile] melancthe better, I very rarely paid to the presence of the musical score in movies and television. Soundtracks, sure, have been collecting those for a while, but the actual score, the music-in-between, with a very few exceptions, I have taken for granted.

Watching the episode "Body" of the 5th season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", I realized the great deal of importance this music provides. IT serves as an emotional release during the tense moments, give us clues to the intensity of the moment and simply serves as an integral part of the movie. "Body" has no score, the lack of accompanying music is deliberate, to provide the viewer the full impact of the shock the lead character experiences finding her mother dead. There is not a sound between scenes, no music to set the mood, nothing, but the eerie silence, that shook me each time it was broken by a sound, sickeningly shrill decibels of a knife slicing through dead skin during the autopsy, cutting into the ears.

In the commentary on the episode, Joss Whedon said that he wanted to show the shock a person experiences during the first few hours when finding out about the death of a loved one. He wanted to make sure that the Slayer's mother's death was important and having no score during the episode added to that. He said, that at times likes this, you experience every second.

So the point of this ramble? None really, maybe just my own thoughts on how much we are spoiled by and take for granted even the music in the background. Now, I am not the person to be easily influenced by a TV episode, but to watch this without the 'noise in the background'? I experienced every second.
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One of the reasons I love jazz:)
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Well, no matter how long the weekend seems to be it is always too short. My stomach decided not to cooperate with me so I was essentially stuck with a sore back And stomach for most of the weekend. Fortunately, the DVD player at my place is a DivX so I am able to watch .avi discs on my TV so I decided to see if the Star Trek: Enterprise I had with me was worth watching.

After watching almost the full first season, it was time to go bed. Ah, the joys of being sick. That was the weekend. I did manage to download one of the singles by Juanes and the Frou Frou discography. I think I can officially nominate [profile] melraad for the music buyer position. It is quite a cool group with nice lyrics and beautiful sounds. Makes a nice change to listen too. I have MTV and aside from the VH1 channel, the bloody idiots play Justin Timberlake ad nauseum.

All in all, I think I made the best of the weekend, now if only my back would behave...
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what is your favorite band?
Your Result: system of a down

f--- yeah! your favorite band is soad, you like to believe that life has multipul meanings, and you enjoy great guitar solos, lol
u enjoy hard rock, that actually has meaning! rock on!

green day
the doors
what is your favorite band?

Music Meme

Jun. 26th, 2006 02:08 pm
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Nicked from [profile] melraad
"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre,whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to."

1. Shakira - Hips don't lie
2. Kelly Clarkson - Walk away
3. Linkin Park - Points of Authority
4. Godsmack - Vodoo
5. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
6.Van Helen - My, My, My
7. Nightwish - Phantom of the Opera
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I've been thinking about getting an iPod in the near future. I did run into a problem though...I do not know of any shops that sell them and the ones that do only have the Nano 4GB - I was thinking of at least a 30 GB as well as any accessories that I might need to buy straight away.

Any ideas? What are the prices I am looking at for the normal iPod? What's the difference between a normal iPod vs the video one? How much are the accessories?

 Can I get an iPod in different colours? Are there products available that are similar to iPod but cheaper?

 Any help on the subject will be greatly appreciated.
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I have to admit I have been spoiling myself rather shamelessly these last couple of weeks. Buying things because I like them and can afford them (reasonably with a 6-months interest-free accounts) the only drain on my resources being the replacement of front and rear brake pads, but after 30 000 km driving in bad traffic it is to be expected.


Today, was my mother's birthday. Since I've been feeling very girlish lately and the fact I love baking, helped make a lot of things and like the Italian cook from the commercial left for the day. Why? One of the couples that my Mom had invited for her birthday are not my favourites since the husband was very insulting to me on my birthday a while back, therefore everytime I know they are coming, I try to get out of the house for my parents' sakes.


So more spoiling of myself with things that I know I can wait for but got them anyway. So I started off by buying the "Collapse" by Jared Diamond, in the book he is trying to explain why some civilizations have collapsed while others survived. This was followed by a handmade wooden bookmark made out of Iron-wood with a small lion outline carved in the bookmark itself.

All right, I enjoyed the "Mission Impossible 3", mainly because I lowered my expectations. I mean I watch it for the purv factor of Tom Cruise, Billy Crudup and don't forget Mr Rhys-Meyer. I love the action, the sleekness of the special effects and the improbable but well-worked "missions". One of those movies where your mind switches off and your eyes feast. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the "Memoirs of a Geisha" is out. Anyone keen to watch the screen version of the book? Please let me know if you want to come this weekend.

Had to drop by "Look and Listen" to buy my favourite band's new album, "Songs from Black Mountain" by Live, it is a very mature album and though I prefer the music from the previous album, "Birds of Pray" the lyrics on the new album are far more insightful and spiritual without being condescending. Especially tracks 4 (Short) and 6 (Sophia) which make you share the experience with the singer.

Finishing off with a nice tall cuppa Java in the Seattle coffeeshop I went back home to discover that all the guests have left and there was little cleaning to be done. Although I have missed watching this week's episode of "Charlie Jade" I'll catch up tomorrow, the series is very unusual but interesting.

I should also mention yesterday's spoiling by picking up my call order at the "Outer Limits". After having a long profound, yet to a comic novice, cryptic conversation I also indulged myself in new dice. Here I have to confess to a comic crush of mine, one Mr Ian Nottingham - assassin extraordionaire and a man  whom I want to be reincarnated in real life for a weekend to be my erm...willing assistant. The only man I do not mind sharing with detective Sara Pezzini. See the cover here and you'll know what I mean.

All in all, I feel this kind of spoiling is essential once in a while, to be able to stop worrying about this and that and just enjoy good ol'e retail therapy. Especially when typing about it later on on a new keyboard:)

P.S. When reading through "Figments of reality" by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen stumbled across the philosophy of "solipsism" . The writers were fairly dismissive of the concept and I tend to agree with them, although from a purely "novelty" POV it does look intriguing. Anyone else come across it before?


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