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I really, really should not be doing this. Splurging on books, even the ones on sale. Don't get me wrong - it is good to read, it's just my pile of books is still growing,

[personal profile] melancthe and I had a conversation about this sudden rise of classic books' prices yesterday and it seems that reading classics is coming back into vogue these days. This partially describes the new prices as everyone knows about the publisher's greed. Still, does it help to force people to buy, now that they are no longer in an easy reach for those who usually read them. Does it actually raise one's intellect, or like many fads the books sit on the shelf of a self-indulgent buyer as the proof of their sophistication without having actually reading them? Does it help men to get 'some' when they approach a girl and mention the classics in a conversation? I only see that those, whose pocket was not too deep being denied access to great literature at the expense of a yappie's show off.


Feb. 18th, 2008 07:10 am
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I am not prudish, at least I think I am not. I do however have an objection to this book being advertised on the 24-hour sale section on Kalahari site. There is nothing wrong to having an Adult section to the books tab. You also advertise school books at sale prices on the same page, so can't we have a nice little division and let's not put a niche BDSM novel under literary fiction, unless it is an already established adult author, say Fran├žois Rabelais.

Yes, I am aware that South Africa is considered somewhat prudish in behaviour, but really, those people who will click the book will also see the recommendations for the like books with titles of "Confessions of a love slave". Now if they are adult and want to buy it, yay for them. Consider the fact that the majority of well-to-do households these days have children that are far more adept at navigating online shopping then the adults then you'll be exposing kids to stuff that really is the material reserved for corrupting oneself after you finish grade 8 Mathematics.

Oh, and the content people at the site, an actual blurb to the book would not hurt either. So be a nice little site and add on the Adult section, you know you want to.
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I get the Property24 newsletter. It is a site that aims to help buyers and sellers alike to make sense in the ever-changing property market by offering views, reviews, opinions and in-depth editorials on the situation, as well as an extensive listings of many properties around South Africa. I no longer need the newsletter as a prospective buyer, but do read it on occassion, mainly to keep in touch with the shifting market and the emerging legal considerations which our government, after having woken up to the fact that the housing market is booming, but the regulations that were in place are often outdated and do not provide sufficient customer protection.

Today, I finally get to hear about the proposed "inclusive housing policy". In a nutshell it ' aims to set aside a percentage of new developments for affordable housing.' Obviously, the governement is aiming at a more compulsory approach, but the talks are that by voluntary doing so it allows developers to receive various insentives. The obvious shortfalls of this policy, which is in a draft stage are too numerous to mention. The complete draft of the policy is here.

What has me annoyed though is this response, by the MD of a residential development. In this article he moans about the new policy hitting the developers' already tight profit margin and the extra money they would have to pay, bla, blah, blah. He bring up some valid points, of course. The policy makers has not properly considered the full impact of the implementation of the policy in its current state. The fact that even implementing this in the commercial property sectors, is fraught with difficulties and prompts for future consideration.

I just want to stop for a moment and consider the complaints of the developers. Those are the guys, and I am referring specifically to those building the multi-storey flats in sectional developments who I think are abusing the increased demand for property in a way that I feel breaches ethics and makes mockery of the term 'free economy'. I had been looking at various sectional developements and can honestly say, that under the excuses of high inflation and tight margins I saw tiny little cages with paper-thin walls with no light filtering through the supposed large windows. All this combined with high prices and shoddy workmanship. Somehow the complaints of that MD do not evoke the same sympathy and concern that he is probably expecting Yes, I am aware of the whole Capitalism principle and that they should be charging the market rate, still, many developers has crossed the line from getting good profit for their work and extreme corporate greed.
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This is in response to several comments (not on lifejournal) that I am a conservative. Usually such comments amuse me but some days, like today they annoy me.

[Start rant]

I am a radical, complete and utter radical! Some people may do a double-take at this statement, yours truly, the uptight and prim Windrider a radical? Puh-lease!

Allow me to explain. You see, it has appeared to me that my opinions are conservative compared with the more accepted popular standard. I don't consider recreational drug use as acceptable way to spend an evening; I view roleplaying as a way to relax and God Forbid! I stay at home on an occasional Saturday night whilst being single. I don't always jump on the band wagon with every crazy new idea invented by the party animals or advertising agencies and don't conform to my demographic.  I scoff at the majority reality shows (meaning I do not need counseling if my Idols contestant does not get chosen)  and prefer the more-serious minded movies. I can go on and on..

Apparently that makes me a close-minded conservative. In the days of the so-called open-minded, anarchistic liberalism I am the black sheep, the unpopular rebel.  I suppose that such complete disregard for adhering to the new lifestyle rules makes me a radical for wanting to do my own thing or standing up for my principles. [End rant]

The post is not aimed at anyone personally and certainly not a judgment on any of my friends. It's an irritation at people trying to label me, and failing to fit me into a particular label precisely, act as superior beings because they fit. I am not there to judge my friends (since I know them better and "usually "understand their motivations for their actions) but I am human, and it is within human nature to make a first impressions judgment based on my personal tastes, everyone with no exception does it, not many admit to it. If a person at a club who I do not know or just met approaches me in a drunk stupor, trying to feel me up I'm not going to have a high opinion of them.
unless a  )
If I don't like a popular club because they music sucked, I'll say so and never come back again.The judgments that I do not know what I'm talking about don't bother me, my view that I don't like it, bother them.

I try hard to accept people as they are, but some of them try to label me as a bad person me for not agreeing with them. Seems like if you do not agree with someone you are a close-minded conservative trying to stifle a free spirit.


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