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I cannot help giggling when I read this. The author wonders what would be the reactions if cooking books' devotees behaved like RPG(roleplaying) geeks.

Appears on Alt Text, with commentary by Lore Sjöberg.

Cookbooks are a lot like Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games. They contain seemingly rigid rules that, in practice, require a certain amount of adaptation for your own tastes.

So how come cooking gets its own TV channel and role-playing games don't even get a show on G4? Maybe the population at large doesn't want to pretend to be a half-elf. Maybe RPGs take more imagination than most people have.

However, it just might have something to do with the role-playing community. If geeks talked about cookbooks the way they talk about RPG books, the results would not be pretty:

Posted: 12:15 a.m. by LordOrcus I'm so mad that there's a new edition of The Better Joy Cookbook out. Thanks for making my old copy obsolete, you greedy hacks! For five years now, my friends have been coming over for my eggplant Parmesan, and now I'm never going to be able serve it again unless I shell out 35 bucks for the latest version.

Posted: 12:42 a.m. by KathraxisHey, I have a question! When you preheat the oven, can you start it before you measure out the ingredients, or do you have to do it afterward? Please answer quickly, my friends and I have been arguing about it for four hours and we're getting pretty hungry.

Roleplay..err cooking woes )

Posted: 2:17 a.m. by LordOrcus I have read the new Better Joy Cookbook and I am devastated to my very core. Their macaroni and cheese recipe, the very macaroni and cheese I've been making since I was in college, has been ravaged and disfigured and left bleeding on the page. Where once it contained only cheddar cheese, now the recipe calls for a mix of cheddar and Colby. It may contain macaroni, and it may contain cheese, but it is not macaroni and cheese. This is a slap in the face and a knife in the gut. You have lost me, Better Joy Cookbook. I would bid you goodbye, but I wish you nothing but the pain and rage you have delivered unto me.

Copyrighted to Alt Text.
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This book was mentioned in the gamer_chicks. I doubt that I need any advice on the Dungeons and Dragons system, but the receipes of what to serve during roleplaying sessions and the different quizzes as such look interesting.
 The book is called 'Confessions of a part-time sorceress: A Girl's guide to the dungeons and Dragons game'

I admit, roleplaying, and Dungeons and Dragons especially, is perceived as a male-orientated geeky creepy hobby that can be rectified by forcing said geek to have a social life. Well, no matter how persistently the image and the connotations hold it is simply not true. More then anything, it is a social activity and a great way of letting out stress.
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I am officially back into the land of multiple barbeques, many friends and one pleased cat, not to mention delighted parents. I know I complain about the routine when I am at home, but for once, the routine is a novelty. Get up, go to work, come home, potter about, go to sleep. Heck, I m even getting the 8 hours per day sleep! Of course, the nice thing is: I am starting to fall into my old social life, starting with roleplaying for Verdant, where the evil wonderful DM has put my poor character in the cargo box to get to the other characters. I suppose it is one way to catch up to the rest of the party halfway around the world from where you last seen them. Although a cabin on a ship would have sufficed:)

I was also greeted by a nice surprise: The jewellery exhibition which is generally jumps dates between end of June and end of July is actually on right now. Okay, the money spending is not brilliant, but the new fashion of creating semi-precious stone bead necklaces is quite nice and really, can be done by anyone once the strings are bought. Although the amethyst strings are very pricy.

After a day and a half of being without a network connection I am trying to catch up to my friends list and managing to balance the need to constantly be on that new axis of evil, Facebook. Seriously, I really do not want to see some of my old school people on there, but I did manage to reconnect with a few people I wanted.  So I shall be more accessible thanks to the ADSL at work.

To my Johannesburg friends - there is a Sunday Times Food show at the Sandton Convention centre if anyone is interested. I was wondering about going on Sunday, although me and food are not on best terms right now.

Back to the grindstone of sorting out all my admin, like Medical Aid, tax and finding the department secretary who mysteriously moved since last year and has all the stationary I need.

If only it was not that cold, otherwise I would not be half-pleased going to Brussels next month, stupid weather!
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I had been very lax lately, using the various memes as an excuse to say that I have posted to my journal recently. Truth is, I'm still exhausted after the ICON convention and things have been running hectic at work. However, I do feel guilty for not posting (Shouldn't there be a blogging syndrome identified by yet another US MD somewhere?) So back to the most recent social thing - my time at ICON (I've been reading Something Positive comic lately so ignore (or at least find it funny) anything resembling an attempt to sound wordly and cynical with a hint of intellectual superiority).

ICON as a convention has been run by RPG and card gaming enthusiasts for the past 14 years to offer all the best in RPG, scifi/fantasy literature, card games, etc with events such as RPG competitive gaming and Magic: The Gathering tournaments with a room for watching bad anime. However, the community is fairly small although it has grown considerably it does not match their equivalents overseas (I'm still upset we could not kidnap Nathan Fillon or Sean Maher) but apparently we do have our own comedian here (I'm never at the ICON dinner but I've been assured by [personal profile] magependragon that he is very funny)

Still it is a great opportunity to meet up with people you had met in the previous years, rediscover why you are glad that you only meet some of them once a year and roleplay (after waiting for hours for the ordered lists) characters you would not think of playing. Admittedly, not everyone's idea of fun but it works for some of us. Here is an interesting thing though: this is when you realise that roleplaying, no matter how much fun it is does require you to spend energy and playing most of the  modules offered. Result, a lightheaded feeling that is only fading almost a week later and a puzzled feeling wondering why one bought so much roleplaying dice...

On the plus side I managed to justify buying the "Firefly" boxset and the two-disc version of the movie "Serenity."  I also think I managed to drive everyone to rolling up their eyes everytime I mention Firefly but I'll calm down, I promise (once I've rewatch the movie the fifth time).

A side note here, I realise that an inevitable question will arise of why, having been at an annual convention that caters to my oh-so-geeky interests that boasts a 70% male population I have yet to meet someone who might find me a bit attractive? Well, there are attractive men at the convention - unfortunately they are all involved/married/engaged. It looks like some women have caught on to the "geek husband is the best" idea way before yours truly even picked up her first comic. The guy I did know to be single and possesing beautiful blue eyes was seen to have his hand loviningly fondled by a long-haired, eyeliner proficicient Goth man. Then some people look at me funny when I tell them that I do go to ICON just for roleplaying. Oh well, enough whining about my love-life or lack thereof - if I can still find some humour in it and amuse some of you who are still not bored reading this post this gotta count for something. Besides, don't they say unlucky in love - lucky in cards? I think I should give thought to the idea of having my birthday party at Montecasino.

It was great meeting [profile] herne_kzn on Tuesday, his renditions of the undead were certainly enjoyed. On the plus side we finally levelled (roleplayer speak for getting more power) so  [profile] [profile] herne_kzn is welcome to have accomodation in JHB everytime we feel the need to convince our wonderful and wise DM (yes, I'm buttering up [personal profile] claidheamhmor) that we need more power, he seemed to be out lucky charm:)

Back to the grindstone, I have a team quiz competition on Windows 2003 to prepare for and a walking marathon on the weekend, see the info here.


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