Oct. 15th, 2009 08:33 am
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I am not a garden person,  since even if I take care of the plans inside the house they tend to die. Still, I cannot help but notice how beautiful the spring is this year. It feels like Johannesburg is greener then before with wild splashes of colour from various trees and on carefully maintained lawns outside the smaller business parks.

I don't think I've ever been so excited about spring in a long while. Admittedly, this time of the year has usually been filled with preparing for Unisa exams and when your head is full of Strategic Management lingo, the smell of jacaranda in the air does not really register.

I shall be posting photos of my recent trip to the US soon. As soon as I remember where both my cameras are in the house. I may have put them somewhere so they won't be in the way when I was unpacking.
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I finally got my phone to stop complaining when connecting to the PC, so some pictures and video this way come:)

First, is the view from outside my window to capture the spiralling snow, thanks to yesterday weather I am about to spend a lot of money on a wind-proof water-resistant jacket.
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The video is small, only 257KB, with mine and colleague's voices in the backgound trying to get the best shot.
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Well, the winter has finally arrived in Denmark. Chose a nice date for it too. Started off with a cool chilly, but light blowing wind and some drizzly rain. Unfortunately, by the time I left the bus stop. The snow was spiralling in toranado-like movements hitting me in the face, and the wind turned savage, cold current getting under my jacket and almost knocking me over. Now, I don't reallly mind the winter, and the snow is kinda pretty, just not when one is facing it in a normal sweater and pants with just leather jacket for warmth. Brr, this weekend some of the admin people will be taking us to buy wind-proof jackets.

Work has free hot chocolate, but after a few cups of that I become so sleepy and unable to concentrate. Oh, well, back to the grindstone.

BTW, for all you budding writers out there, the National Writing month is here, so I've signed to see how many words can I write, before I'm too lazy to continue. My profile is here. If you have signed up, drop me a line.


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