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Reading Stephen King's "On Writing".

Plums deify.

Here is the sentence that has been stuck in my mind for the past week. Probably better then thinking about the training tomorrow
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One of the chapters will start like this:

   " You know the common legend of walking in a crowded place when you suddenly stumble and kept from falling by strong arms of a good-looking stranger? This is then recounted as the tale on how you met your future souldmate? Well, that never happens. I should know, I tried.

   I mean at most that one can achieve is your brand new expensive top becomes smudged with some sort of a raspberry-vanilla-hazelnut ice-cream concoction that never washes off and the tiny mostrosity with a lisp will loudly demand another portion as his had been ruined by the big bad villain, meaning you. So instead of apologising for her spawn's behaiviour, the obese hag will send you a look venomous enough to classify as a weapon of mass destruction and walk off with a huff dragging the little monster by his sticky hand.

That of course makes you wonder on why you embarked on trying to meet any handsome strangers at all if the end result will leave you looking like Barney the purple Dinosaur, whilst you try not to lose sight of the mutants who by age 5 have the agility of Spiderman on speed. Naturally, looking at thinner, younger inspiration of Sports Illustrated model will put you in the mood to scare off Grendel's mother. So why do we still pursue the hope of meeting good looking strangers in futile attempt to fulfill the illusion portrayed on the Mills and Boon's covers?"
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My biggest problem in writing is starting it. I always find a myriad excuses not to. I had not done my research, where did I leave my chapter outlines, blah, blah, blah.

Today, I have written, officially written into a document 141 words. This may seem like a drop after 8 days, for me, it is like I finally moved that big rock of the mountain. The continuation of that to thousands of thousands words required is actually looking achievable. Yes, I know it is arrogant to assume that after a drop in the ocean of words I am supposed to have written, still, 141 is better then 0.

Home for me after packing up my laptop.
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Can't really decide which one to put on the user profile. Suggestions?
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Well, the winter has finally arrived in Denmark. Chose a nice date for it too. Started off with a cool chilly, but light blowing wind and some drizzly rain. Unfortunately, by the time I left the bus stop. The snow was spiralling in toranado-like movements hitting me in the face, and the wind turned savage, cold current getting under my jacket and almost knocking me over. Now, I don't reallly mind the winter, and the snow is kinda pretty, just not when one is facing it in a normal sweater and pants with just leather jacket for warmth. Brr, this weekend some of the admin people will be taking us to buy wind-proof jackets.

Work has free hot chocolate, but after a few cups of that I become so sleepy and unable to concentrate. Oh, well, back to the grindstone.

BTW, for all you budding writers out there, the National Writing month is here, so I've signed to see how many words can I write, before I'm too lazy to continue. My profile is here. If you have signed up, drop me a line.
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I was rather worried about my exams. Some will say, but one of the exams is in your mother tongue, basic basic stuff, how can you be worried? Well, although this point is valid I have found, that the English study giudes of Russian are bloody hard. It is one thing to know it in Russian, the punctuation, the verbs and the sentence structure however having it defined in another language is an absolute hell. I am simply lost in  the strange terms for very simple verb definitions and exercises. So, yeah, I was kind of worried for the outcome of an exam.

Fortunately, my worries came to nought as I passed the exam and the Russian history exam(that was in English), both with distinctions. So everything is going well I should be able to finish the whole Russian language major by end of next year and concentrate on the second Language major and Theory of Literature. The nice thing about this degree is that it is concentrates a lot on literature and linguistics, all in the context of the modern lifestyle.

This may not sound like an exciting subject to study to some but I feel that with a revival of interest in books and writing thanks to the Harry Potter books(for reading) and Internet(for the later), language, writing, and literature and the attitude to it have drastically changed not only compared to a few generations ago but even as recent as 10 years ago. When I started out in the IT industry almost 9 years ago, blogs were vitually unheard of not mentioning making money from websites and online writing. These days, logging on to a search engine (gone are the days when Yahoo was used for searching) you are transported to a portal offering you anything from used cars to online dating to online dictionaries not to mention a variety of blogging, mail and group services. It is amazing at how language has changed thanks to technological progress and the study on that sounds fascinating.

So, I'm off to confirm my booking of the next several modules. Gotta love online registration!
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Running from trouble with the law over his illegal drug use, WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS left New York for Texas in 1946. He sent for his common-law wife, Joan Vollmer Adams, and together they lived in Texas until 1948, when they moved to New Orleans. Again in trouble with the law over narcotics charges, they moved to Mexico City in 1949 and continued to fuel themselves with booze and benzedrine. On 6 September 1951, during a party of sorts, William decided to show off his pistol skills and called for Joan to help him with his "William Tell act." She placed a glass on her head and turned to the side and Bill fired the pistol. The bullet hit Joan in the head and killed her, and Bill was charged with criminal imprudence, then released on bail. He sent his infant son to stay with his parents in Florida, and he lit out for South America and Tangiers. Burroughs later claimed that he never would have become a writer had he not shot Joan in the head. 
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You Should Be a Film Writer

You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!

Well, sign me up for Stargate team now!


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