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Secretary banks on sangoma - Who said Monday morning news aren't amusing


When R12 000 was stolen from a safe, a sangoma won the day.

Last week, Centenary Hall manager Julius Majola told the municipal Oversight Committee how, after the theft, his secretary had phoned the police and told them not to come to take fingerprints as a sangoma had arrived.

Briefing the committee on the theft, Majola said the money had been put in the safe, in the presence of his secretary, after payment had been made for a function.

When he returned to the office on Monday and opened the safe, the money was gone.

Majola then phoned the police and reported the matter and had also called two friends, one of whom was a sangoma.

When his secretary learnt one of them was a sangoma she phoned the police and told them not to send fingerprint experts.

Asked by Elizabeth Trent (DA) if the safe had been damaged, he said it had not.

"It must be magic," Trent said. - Own Correspondent

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