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Oct. 30th, 2006 09:10 am
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It's Daylight Savings Time err Time. As of Sunday, the clocks have turned back by one hour. A fact that I was only vaguely aware of. Guess I'm so used to South Africa not having it. Well, as I generally go by my laptop's time anyway, which is set to Automatically adjust to the Daylight savings time. This morning, the phone which doubles up as the alarm clock sings the Firefly theme tune about 10 minutes before I'm supposed to be up and about.

My colleague's perky voice intrudes upon my consciousness: "Are you ready to leave?" We stay in the same building so we often leave for work together. I groggily protested: "Dude, it's like 7 am!"
The same perky voice cheerfully explained: "Daylight savings time, remember? It is actually 10 past 8 right now."
"O shyte, I'll see you later in the office later then?"
Cursing under my breath, I have washed, dressed and fed myself in record time, even finishing up some hand washing. Make-up check, clothes check, no time to put on the jewellery, jacket check, shoes...check. As I was packing my laptop into the bag I've noticed that the laptop is still running on the old time, decided to quickly adjust the timezone and found it to be correct, strange, it is supposed to be updated automatically. Oh, well, no time to ponder the correctness of a computer designed to keep things like that. Made it to the bus stop in record time, got an empty bus (the benefit of travelling later I thought) and looked up at the electronic clock, which showed proudly an hour earlier that I supposed it was.

My colleague forgot to change the timezone on is laptop when he was in South Africa his clock was actually ahead and mine was correct. Next time, trust the machine for little niggly things like timezones. At least I was early and true to the Dilbert Principle.


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