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Oct. 3rd, 2006 09:13 pm
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Still alive, so many things to recount and pics of the new apartment to post. Alas, I have to buy an extension for my laptop power supply, my battery has been slowly drained by posting comments to my LJ.
Life is good and busy. Miss you all dreadfully.
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I know I used to make a frivolous post about a 'newly discovered' hunk, but due to a hectic schedule these posts took a backseat.
However, today, as I arrived earlier from work to discover a showing of "Rescue Me" with this disparagon of virtue, Denis Leary.

I mean, he is foul-mouthed, beer drinking sarcastic SOB, but, and I fully blame it on the tiredness I was feeling, I wanted to take him to bed and fully relieve the tiredness of his fireman's job. Aah! I blame this slip of wits on my fondness for Irishmen, that is the only explanation.

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So, I finally receive my laptop, yey! I am mobile and finally able to snatch more then a few hours online. One nice thing to discover about Denmark is that wireless networks are rather the norm then the exception.  Have been at work for two days now, we are in a large old building without any air conditioning, thus we constantly feel that we are in an African bundu somewhere despite the fact it is an European autumn outside.

One of the most amazing things about Copenhagen is the incredible amount of bike riders. There is no specific demographic, no target audince and no particular trend towards any bicycle. They are everywhere, outnumbering the cars  in a 3:1 ratio. It is not uncommon to find a mom with a toddler in front and an older child in the back gaining speed on the blue lane reserved for bicycles. Small little carts attached to the bicycles for transporting groceries, children and pets are popular making a regular view. Of course it is rather understandable, as the tax on a car is 180%, so owning a car is a luxury. This of course, does wonders not only for the enviroment but for the traffic, the peak traffic laughable by South African standards. When our taxi driver apologetically mentioned that traffic is usually better as we hit a slow lane for about 100m, he could not quite understand our laughter. Working in Sandton, we consider it a good traffic day if it takes us 40 minutes to get to work.  A 5 minute delay is nothing yet it visibly annoyed our driver, the Scandavian love of punctuality coming into play.

As for the people themselves - hard to say, our manager is a Swede and there are many overseas personnel working with us. However, having said this, many Danish men do respond to the general stereotype of good looking tall muscular blonde Vikings with ruddy cheeks and square jaws. What the movies don't tell you is that the dark haired lean, albeit square jawed scandinavs are just as hot and delicious as the blonde haired Viking movie extras. And in our very hot building there are enough of both types of hot men with rolled up sleeves to make [personal profile] melancthe swoon.

As for the women, if the whistles and the slack jaws that my male unattached colleagues have when we get to work in the morning and pass the female bikers, long legs bared and blonde hair shining in the morning light - I'd say the women are good looking too, although I'm hardly an excellent  judge.

I'm off to finish watching "Gosford Park", the TV here often comes with subtitles allowing us to watch everything in English. So I had not been missing my "Las Vegas" episodes.

Any questions about life in Copenhagen? Feel free to ask, although the percentage of unattached cute men in the office will be difficult to procure:)

P.S. The Nordic keyboard is a bit of a mission to master, the extra letters confuse the fingers.

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  • I quite like the idea of using bullet point lists to make a short quick report about events of the week/day/month/hour so I'm trying this one out

  • Live Journal has been giving me problems of late, taking a long time to load, timing out when trying to update my journal or simply view my Friends Page.  The Front page says that they have implemented a new menu system, Horizon and today it seems to work without a problem after one full week of increasing frustration.

  • On Wednesday, together with [personal profile] claidheamhmor and [personal profile] melancthe visited a vietnamese themed restaurant, Saigon. It was also C's first time there (the guy I'm currently dating), but he seemed to enjoy it, even gracefully finishing the chocolate mousse dessert, which was simply too much for my stomach after a sumptious meal. This is the second time I am making use of the work's social club's corporate discounts and have to say I really enjoy their ideas for  new social experiences for the employees.

  • I also slipped into one of my rare moments of stupidity this past week. On my way to Saigon restaurant, some idiot in a pickup truck decided to sit on my tail because I was going oh-so-slow at speed limit of 120km/h at night in the fast lane. So instead of either ignoring him or moving into the slower lane, my aggro hormone decided to spike up, causing me to slow down even further and "make" him stop this foolishness. Well, all that got me was him almost running me off the bloody highway later. I vindicated by cutting in front of him, and then it was his turn to get off the highway. Not one of my better moments, sadly, this kind of behaiviour in those who drive pickups or other big high-powered vehicles is the norm in South Africa, and those of us, driving the non-syndrome-telling cars are also guilty of a milder form of road rage.

  • Friday was team building with my team. I really enjoy the company of my colleagues, a stark contrast to my previous job. Let's not forget to mention the fun to be had of watching inebriated people trying to putt-putt. Strangely enough, for some it was merely an improvement in their game, whilst I acknowledge that I still suck in any golf-related sports, sigh. I did make the par more then once though! Yey for me:)

  • Did a heck of a lot of studying today and yesterday by coming to work and doing it properly without all the distractions from home. I feel so proud of myself.

  • Finished "Grey's Anatomy" first season, I'm so hopelessly addicted, I want McDreamy!

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"If A is a success in life, then A = X + Y + Z.
Work is X; Y is play; and Z is keeping your mouth shut."

Albert Einstein

It is amazing how exceptionally wise the man is, and don't forget correct. Keeping your mouth shut is something that should be taught at universities in preparation for working in the big 'bad' world. I am not going to count the amount of trouble I got into because I would speak out. In the end I learned and to this day, I'm still learning, when to keep your mouth  shut and when to voice my concerns.

I do not claim to be a loudmouth but even though, my concerns were perfectly legitimate I still got into trouble, not always, still, knowing when to open your mouth and when to keep it shut is an art in social interaction.

I certainly do not advocate being a mouse, more of a sneaky cat that knows exactly when to ask for cream from her owner. After all, the difference in the raise percentage is significant:)

So my equation would be somewhat different:

If A is a success in life then A = X + Y + Z, where Z=(t + v), where t = knowing when to keep the mouth shut ; v = knowing why to keep it closed.


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