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Berlin - A desperate German called emergency services to rescue her after a visiting friend at her flat had talked for 30 hours non-stop, authorities said on Tuesday.

Police in Speyer said that the guest had rambled on about personal problems and became increasingly intoxicated until the 48-year-old host dialled the emergency hotline.

After failing to encourage the by-now unwelcome guest to leave last Saturday, the woman called an ambulance. When the paramedics refused to carry the friend out of the flat, the owner called the police, who took the other woman home. No charges were filed. - Sapa-AFP

Source: IOL
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A drunk German horse rider rode into a bank foyer to sleep for the night, after having one too many for the road during a stopover at his local beergarden.

Wolfgang Heinrich, 40, from the German town Wiesenburg, had been riding with his Haflinger horse Sammy when he stopped to have a drink with friends.

But when he left the pub he realised he was too drunk to ride all the way home - and because it was cold, he decided to use his bank card to open up a nearby bank foyer and take himself and Sammy inside to sleep it off.

Heinrich and his horse were found in the early hours of the morning by local man Stephan Hanelt, 36, who came to the bank to take out some money.

He said: 'It was a bit of a shock to find a man and a horse asleep in the foyer of the bank. I rang the police straight away.'

Heinrich was let off with a warning and rode home. But bank staff were less than impressed when they arrived and had to clean up after the horse, who had left a deposit of his own on the foyer floor.

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On many weekends a year in parks in the Washington-Baltimore
area, 100 or more people gather in medieval costumes and wield
soft weapons to wage battle in the 20-year-old Darkon Wargaming
Club, according to a May report in Baltimore City Paper.  Players
point out that their hobby is simply of a piece with historical-battle
video games and feature films, but still acknowledge the whimsy.
Said a club manager (who is the wife of the player "Shalor" of the
"Bloody Axe Mercenary Company"), on seeing the games for the
first time, "I didn't want to get out of the car.  I thought it was the
dorkiest thing I'd ever seen.  And 12 years later, of course, I'm
running the thing."
 (An acclaimed documentary film on the club,
"Darkon," has just been released.) [Baltimore City Paper, 5-10-06]
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In March, a jury in St. Louis,
Mo., awarded Gretchen Porro $100,000 for the loss of two fingers
at the City Museum's Puking Pig attraction.  Although the exhibit
was closed, Porro nonetheless crossed a railing and stuck her hand
inside the machinery to get it to release a vat full of water.  (The
jury valued the injury at $500,000 but said Porro was 80 percent at
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1-4-06

Pays to be bad
 In March, a 10-year-old boy in
Torquay, England, was awarded the equivalent of almost $2,800
following his expulsion from school for selling marijuana.  The
local government agreed that his school had acted too slowly in
fulfilling its duty to find the expelled boy alternate schooling.
BBC News, 23-3-06

Make the criminal feel at home

The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune, reporting in March on recidivist-robber Eugene Rutledge,
21, found that employees at one Taco Bell were so accustomed to
Rutledge's robbing them that as soon as he appeared at the door,
they would ritually open the cash register for him.

Obsessive reader
Police in the Ibaraki prefecture north of Tokyo arrested a 70-
year-old man in April after the manager of a 7-Eleven reported that
the man had menaced him with a chainsaw.  The would-be
customer apparently came to the store every day only to read from
various magazines for sale, and after several hours, the manager
finally ordered him to leave.  The man returned a short time later
with the chainsaw, cranked it up, and shouted, "I'll cut you to
pieces."  He then laid it down and resumed reading and was still
reading when police arrived.
 BBC News, 6-4-06


Just another report on our crazy world, I feel much better after reading it and recommend it to anyone with a sense of humour. 


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