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As a long-time D&D player, I had to laugh. Getting upset over idiotic cartoons only leads to idiots producing more of the same. Still, the guy and gal at Robot's Pajamas summed it up rather nicely.

D&D Kills with the Help of Satan!

If there’s one thing that the Bible has taught me, it’s that Dungeons and Dragons is evil. The tool of the devil, which disguises itself as a “game”, is a gateway to the world of the occult and Satan worship. In order to better illustrate this I’m posting Dark Dungeons, an informative little piece written in the early eighties that I should have known existed, but didn’t until I discovered it in a Topless Robot article.

You can’t tell me there’s not at least one fatty that plays with this group. This is also the only D&D session in the history of mankind where the number of girls equals the number of guys and there’s a hot female DM.



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Small Print: This tract is copyright is owned solely by Jack Chick Publications. Please visit their website and buy lots of their tracts, if you enjoy them. They appear on this site for review purposes only.
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From the Holy Taco website. I find the song very annoying, but this is just so silly. Like the world these days I suppose.

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And what kind of message does this sign send to the young sons of Blacklick (or PenisShaft, if you prefer)? Imagine being a dutiful little Christian boy, full of raging hormones. You have a huge crush on the girl in the next pew, but now you think you’re going to burn forever if you swap spit with her under the bleachers. No masturbating, no sodomy and now no girl kissing. It looks like Jesus is winning the war on testicles.
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[personal profile] claidheamhmor has posted this entry about Michael Goldfarb being 'angry' at the Dungeons and Dragons crowd. Strangely, he apologised after a few nasty comments (or it could be a hoax), still this 'apology' was not bad, however the comments afterwards were far more amusing. Especially the one that compared the US Senate to a pack of kobolds.
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The article is here.

If you read any antiscience screeds, at some point or another most will claim that science is based on faith just as much as religion is. For example, the horrific Answers in Genesis website has this to say about science:

Much of the problem stems from the different starting points of our divergence with Darwinists. Everyone, scientist or not, must start their quests for knowledge with some unprovable axiom—some a priori belief on which they sort through experience and deduce other truths. This starting point, whatever it is, can only be accepted by faith; eventually, in each belief system, there must be some unprovable, presupposed foundation for reasoning (since an infinite regression is impossible).

This is completely wrong. It shows (unsurprisingly) an utter misunderstanding of how science works. Science is not faith-based, and here’s why.


From the Bad Astronomy website.

Copyright: Phil Plait.

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My best friend is a much more dedicated blog reader then I am and I often receive URLs to the better-written entries of some of the bloggers around the world. She also often asks me about how things are in South Africa; she had not lived in the country for quite a few years. She is always interested to know what the prevailing attitudes and opinions are. Yesterday, she sent me a link of this blog entry that this site, the South African Blog Awards 2007, has deemed the winner of the "Best Post on a South African Blog" category. If I remember her question correctly, she was thoroughly unimpressed with the entry and asked if she is so out of touch with South African humour that people found this funny.

I had only lived in Copenhagen for 7 months, but obviously I am also out of touch with SA humour as well. The entry, made by a well-educated Capetonian business owner in his late twenties lacks grammatical errors and he has formatted the text and the accompanying pictures to make the best of the entry. In the entry he makes fun of his maid's cryptic badly-written notes to him, but his barbs lack the good naturedness with which many like comments/entries are made. He rips apart a person, who due to her disadvantaged background will never read his grammatically-correct whine.

However, back to the writing and my search on what made this entry so memorable that people felt it deserved the award. He comes across as harsh and condescending, sniping away at every single criticism that is presented to him and indulges in gratuitous
self-patting for his brilliance - sorry, but good grammar is a way to ensure you have more readers not awards. He finishes off the entry with the same satisfaction as Colombo closing a murder investigation.

I do not think that 7 months is such a drastic period in a country to find out that in order to appreciate good humour one must descend to pettiness and cruel name-calling. I am rather hoping that due to the Internet still being accessible to less people in South Africa and thus making the awards merely less well-known, then an indicator that sneering cruelty is the key to getting a smile out of South Africans.

As far as this 'award-winning' blog entry goes, one wonders why he never mentions on his blog, is that probably, her wage for a day is less then his bill for a lunch at a good restaurant. This fact is that if there are entries mentioning this, they don't even get noticed.


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