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Courtesy News24: Author Johan Brink

IT Mechanic

IS the computer industry creating incompetent IT support personnel? People with no knowledge whatsoever of how a computer works or no ability to trace faults?

Are companies like Microsoft, HP and IBM creating a generation of wizard IT specialist, specialists that without a wizard can't do a single thing to fix your operating system? A generation of specialists that can only build a system if everything is colour coded and plug and play?

If you are considering the answers, don't, the answers to all these questions are YES.

So what do we call this entire generation of so-called IT specialists?

The XP Generation.

Who are they?

I don't quite agree with everything the author says. There are many new young people who are passionate about their work and do make the effort to learn the more general knowledge of computers to make themselves more effective. Those people will always have a job. It is just, with the advance of XP and 2000, the need to know what DOS stands for is pretty much obsolete or the fact that modifying autoexec.bat is no longer crucial in troubleshooting. What the author does not say, is what [personal profile] mysehnsucht  mentioned in one of her recent entries, being in IT is no longer just about knowing how to hack the registry.

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This was sent me via email by [profile] tempestia and everytime I reread it, I cannot help, but agree. I have been in the corporate world over 9 years and I had seen the following all too often, just because someone thinks that being a supervisor is all about having the power to push people around.


Every company faces the problem of people leaving the company for better
pay or profile.

Early this year, Mark, a senior software designer, got an offer from a
prestigious international firm to work in its India operations
developing specialized software. He was thrilled by the offer.

He had heard a lot about the CEO. The salary was great. The company had
all the right systems in place employee-friendly human resources (HR)
policies, a spanking new office, and the very best technology, even a
canteen that served superb food.

Twice Mark was sent abroad for training. "My learning curve is the
sharpest it's ever been," he said soon after he joined.

Last week, less than eight months after he joined, Mark walked out of
the job.

Why did this talented employee leave?

Jack Welch of GE once said. "A company's value lies "between the ears of
its employees".

Words to listen to.

Smug? Moi?

Mar. 22nd, 2007 08:55 pm
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I do not usually have lyric posts, but this song cracks me up each time I hear it. It is From the album "Splinter" by Offspring. This is probably how my colleagues felt last Saturday when most of us had to work, but they just had to overdo it on the Friday drinks session. Unlike their work, mine was a bit more sophisticated so I was reasonably awake and fresh when they could barely open their eyes to look at the computer screen. I'll admit, I was feeling a wee bit smug.

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And in the end I think I'll blame [personal profile] melancthe for the fact that I am currently sitting with small white headphones in my ears listening to Beethoven on my new iPod shuffle. After all, she is the first person to introduce to the first- hand experience of the iWorld.

Oh well, sitting in public transport and working out in gym is not such a drag anymore.


Dec. 8th, 2006 10:02 am
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My conversation with colleagues as I got into work yesterday:

"People should not be allowed to have sex on a work night after 12 o'clock!"

I am treated to blank uncomprehending looks.

"The bed of my upstairs neighbours kept moving in a consistent fashion with the mattress creaking. It was noisy, I only got to sleep at 1am!"

My colleagues are barely containing their laughter.

"So, planning on moving then?"

"Nah, it's easier to buy ear plugs."

The rest of the day was pretty interesting too.
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I finally got my phone to stop complaining when connecting to the PC, so some pictures and video this way come:)

First, is the view from outside my window to capture the spiralling snow, thanks to yesterday weather I am about to spend a lot of money on a wind-proof water-resistant jacket.
[Error: unknown template 'video']
The video is small, only 257KB, with mine and colleague's voices in the backgound trying to get the best shot.
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Well, the winter has finally arrived in Denmark. Chose a nice date for it too. Started off with a cool chilly, but light blowing wind and some drizzly rain. Unfortunately, by the time I left the bus stop. The snow was spiralling in toranado-like movements hitting me in the face, and the wind turned savage, cold current getting under my jacket and almost knocking me over. Now, I don't reallly mind the winter, and the snow is kinda pretty, just not when one is facing it in a normal sweater and pants with just leather jacket for warmth. Brr, this weekend some of the admin people will be taking us to buy wind-proof jackets.

Work has free hot chocolate, but after a few cups of that I become so sleepy and unable to concentrate. Oh, well, back to the grindstone.

BTW, for all you budding writers out there, the National Writing month is here, so I've signed to see how many words can I write, before I'm too lazy to continue. My profile is here. If you have signed up, drop me a line.

ID10 error

Oct. 30th, 2006 09:10 am
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It's Daylight Savings Time err Time. As of Sunday, the clocks have turned back by one hour. A fact that I was only vaguely aware of. Guess I'm so used to South Africa not having it. Well, as I generally go by my laptop's time anyway, which is set to Automatically adjust to the Daylight savings time. This morning, the phone which doubles up as the alarm clock sings the Firefly theme tune about 10 minutes before I'm supposed to be up and about.

My colleague's perky voice intrudes upon my consciousness: "Are you ready to leave?" We stay in the same building so we often leave for work together. I groggily protested: "Dude, it's like 7 am!"
The same perky voice cheerfully explained: "Daylight savings time, remember? It is actually 10 past 8 right now."
"O shyte, I'll see you later in the office later then?"
Cursing under my breath, I have washed, dressed and fed myself in record time, even finishing up some hand washing. Make-up check, clothes check, no time to put on the jewellery, jacket check, shoes...check. As I was packing my laptop into the bag I've noticed that the laptop is still running on the old time, decided to quickly adjust the timezone and found it to be correct, strange, it is supposed to be updated automatically. Oh, well, no time to ponder the correctness of a computer designed to keep things like that. Made it to the bus stop in record time, got an empty bus (the benefit of travelling later I thought) and looked up at the electronic clock, which showed proudly an hour earlier that I supposed it was.

My colleague forgot to change the timezone on is laptop when he was in South Africa his clock was actually ahead and mine was correct. Next time, trust the machine for little niggly things like timezones. At least I was early and true to the Dilbert Principle.

A quickie

Oct. 3rd, 2006 09:13 pm
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Still alive, so many things to recount and pics of the new apartment to post. Alas, I have to buy an extension for my laptop power supply, my battery has been slowly drained by posting comments to my LJ.
Life is good and busy. Miss you all dreadfully.
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After a huge amount of work, stress and general meetings it is done. i am finally here, in the pretty city of Copenhagen. Well, the amount of near misses that I had is pretty scary, but what trip does not have something go absolutely wonky? Let's start with the story then.

At first they did not want to let us through, some bright-eyed induhvidual spotted that we are flying on a one way ticket. No amount of convincing and document waiving, that we had work permits for the intending country would do, until he had to go and check with the manager. Yep, after 10 minutes of waiting we finally were allowed to continue with the check in. Then came the next obstacle, the extra luggage, I was fortunate to have complied. My colleague had to fork out a whooping 1.7 thousand rand(âpproxim. 120 British pounds) for the measly 6 kg over. As I later found out, I, the only woman in the party of 5 (no pun intended:) did not have to pay in for extra luggage. After some initial misunderstandings over the external hard drive that was encased in an aluminium casing, which caused the guys at baggage control some worry, we were soon on a plane.

Unfortunately, we were booked to fly SAA (South African airlines) of which I have no fond memories. I was extremely impressed by the new upgraded facilities which allowed an great amount of in-flight entertainment including TV and games options. The attendants were attentive and friendly and the light above did not hurt the eyes. As soon as we were exposed to the evening meal however - yep, the food still sucked despite the beautifully printed menu and a shopping onboard magazine. Sleeping in the SAA economy chairs felt like someone was subjecting me to an S&M session without the orgasm bits thrown in. My neighbour, a pleasant middle-aged German lady was thankfully very polite and quiet, a fact for which I am eternally grateful, despite her tendency to fall asleep with the headphones set on an ungodly volume.

Fortunately, were landed on time at the Frankfurt airport and were finally allowed to stand in line to the passport control. Just for the record, I'd love to marry an EU national and get the EU passport. You get treated far better then those of us with plain old South African pasports, well, at least the blonde 'polizei'  was very cute (I can ocasionally function normally on 2.5 hours of sleep). Later we were subjected to yet another baggage control check where my poor aluminium encased hard drive sparked another speculation that yours truly may not be as sweet and innocent as she looks. Then I experienced that comic moment they have in the movies, where a short, chubby German female customs official, she of the bad perm and nicotine-stained teeth thoroughly frisked me, suspecting perhaps that I'm wearing more then my own clothes. Sorry lady, no nitroglycerine here! It was very hot and stuffy, with almost no fresh air and heavy smells of promotional perfumes permeating the grey-beige decor, with bright yellow Lufthansa banners like small oasis spot in the tile desert. Finally, we were out of the humid enviroment of the Frankfurt airport and on the plane to Copenhagen.

The flight was mercifully short and I even managed to get a short cat nap. The Copenhagen airport looks very unassuming from the outside, inside I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanness and pretty shops. After a short wait for our luggage we exchanged our money for good old Danish crona and caught a taxi to our hotel.

This Scandic is very picturesque and the good weather outside and a shop to satisfy our hunger we were very relieved to have found some rest . Hotel food is very expensive so we settled for McDonalds, which in Europe tastes like real food and is reasonably cheap, although a big Mac for 50 Krona? For the South Africans reading this it may come as a small shock, as we get it in SA for 15 rand. The food fortunately, as I stated is very tasty.

So here I am, ready to start work tomorrow (we have a cab booked to take us to the project office) in the pretty city of Copenhagen for the next 7 months. So far, so good.

Perhaps my account is not nearly as adventurous and entertaining as [profile] bishopza's retellings, but I believe we have to travel to Istanbul for the real excitment:)

Pictures forthcoming as soon as I figure out if I've taken my camera's PC cable with me. Sigh, there is always something.


P.S. I think my experiences pales with this lady's:

1) Just after the August 10th restrictions were
imposed, British Airways refused to allow disabled New Zealand runner
Kate Horan (on her way to the paralympic world championships in the
Netherlands) to carry on her prosthetic leg, as she had long been
allowed to do. Her checked-baggage leg was then lost in the chaos at
Heathrow airport, and the prosthetic's manufacturer scrambled to make
Horan a new one.  (Courtesy: News of the Weird)

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I had not really been posting due to some things in my life taking priority, work, personal life, etc however I am glad that some people have their priorities in order:

In June, the leading Hindu cleric in the Kashmir area of Pakistan
demanded a judicial investigation as to why the holy, phallus-
shaped object (a "lingam") in the Amarnath shrine appeared not to
be of naturally-formed ice but of imported soft snow.  The annual
pilgrimage to worship it (the fertility deity Shiva) depends, the
cleric said, on ice formations from inside Amarnath, and some
leaders are upset that Shiva this year just doesn't look right.
[Khaleej Times-Agence France-Presse, 6-19-06]

You can see this gentelman takes his work very seriously.

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It feels really weird to know that next week I won't be coming in to work, sit at a familiar desk and struggle with my Internet access. After 4 years and 3 months, I will no longer be in a place where my career will at best stagnate, working with people who are so jealous of me they will stop at nothing to give me hell and Midrand morning traffic will be a thing of the past.

Yet, when I had my send-off, the users that I helped organized a farewell party, collected money to give me a present and generally said exceptionally lovely things to me, (after knowing them for a while I knew that was true). That makes me sad to leave but it also warms my heart that despite hell given to me by my boss and his annoying little underling there were people who appreciated me and the work I was doing while I was helping them. Feels like the last two years (possibly the worst career-wise, any chance of training thwarted by my boss) have not been in vain.

Still feels a bit nostalgic, knowing that I will have to learn all the things at the new company - who to go for music, who knows if the main boss is in a generous mood and who will be able to give you a lift when your car is in service.

After leaving the company for the last time at 11:45 I used the gift money to treat myself to some clothes, pay most of my accounts, have lunch and see a movie. A nice way to celebrate the end of a personal era.


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