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Denmark has a tendency to have wet snow and freezing winds. Having experienced a taste of things to come last week, we have decided to buy jackets for ourselves. One of the ladies from work has graciously volunteered to take us to some factory shops so we could get the jackets cheaper. The main shopping was to be done near the docks, where there is a mini-mall of designer brands factory outlets.

The area is called Østerport, and the shops are right on the docks so I took a few more pictures with my cell (it would have been a bit of a mission to carry a camera bag when one does shopping). The area is beautiful and if I could rent there, I would.

So here some scenery shots.

Along the road, near the shops.

The view across the harbour. The thin dark light on the horizon - that's Sweden. The town closest to Denmark is Malme, about a half-an hour train ride.

Just a nice view of the harbour dock on a clear Saturday morning.

A thousand years ago, or maybe more, mighty Vikings looked ahead for potential bounty on the opposite shore, where those cars now stand.  These days, Malme is a good bargin-hunting place, where all the goods are stuffed into the boot of the cars after shopping sprees. A similar situation in modern times methinks, but I think the Vikings had cooler armour and no number plates. After all, what kind of a Viking name is 'BMW'?  *Grin*

The view is simply spectacular, despite it's being a late autumn.

The street about 50-70m away from the harbour. The buildings are mainly new and very neat. One snag about living there, a 2-3 bedroom apartment can cost about 70 000 DKK a month, that's about R91 000 or  £6500. So unless I marry a Danish millionare, the closest I can come to living there is working at a nearby office block.

A local marina near the shops we were at. I'm sure there are plenty more grander boat and yachts on other marinas, but we were late getting to the Nike factory outlet on the other side of town. So not enough time to explore or shop. Those factory outlets were much cheaper then regular shops despite selling some good well-known brands; but have one tried shopping longer when shoping with 3 males, who already finished their shopping? Well, I'm coming back to this part of town in the fiture, that's for sure. Who knows, maybe I'll meet a Danish millionare (most likely from very very far away).

After much travelling, we finally did get to the Nike factory store and I did manage to buy a jacket. Of course it seems silly, to spend a lot of time just to buy a jacket from a brand name and not something that is much cheaper. This is not the case however, when it is -7 Degrees and a freezing harsh wind is trying to knock you over. A certifiable, waterproof and waterresistant jacket is a heavensend.

P.S. If all goes well at work, I shall be going to the Denmark countryside to a modern arts museum about an hour outside Copenhagen this weekend. More pictures from me then.


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